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Aadhithya Sujith

Aug 12, 2017


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Thanks for submitting the proposal. Please find few questions that came to my mind when I read through your proposal.

  1. How does SA-conditioner work to save energy and what distinguishes it from other similar products in market that claim to save energy?
  2. Is this product available or do you have a working prototype, if yes I think some results and calculations from a working model can be useful in measuring its impact however please note working prototype is not necessary for submitting proposals?
  3. Try adding a sketch or a diagram this will help explain your product better, a block diagram explaining the working should be good enough?
  4. What will be the approximate cost of such a device and how will you convince people to shift from high tech devices in the market currently, can this be provided at a lower cost and save energy?
  5. Can you please also choose countries where do you think your project can make an impact?

Christo Krastev

Aug 15, 2017


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Prototipe is comming soon I hope it answer most questions. SA conditioner dose not have radiators (saves energy from scattering), there is no heat pump (saves energy from friction), there is no coolant (saves energy from hydraulic losses). Avoiding these parts increase energy efficiency. It also contributes to lower cost and easier production. There is currently no such product on the market. I hope you will help with patenting product in the US.

Teerth Brahmbhatt

Aug 27, 2017


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Dear Christo, 

The AC unit sounds quite interesting. As previous feedback has noted the proposal could be greatly helped by the addition of a CAD model to explain the system. 

Use onshape to do this it is an open source cloud based CAD tool. 

Reach out to the Catalysts or Fellows if you need additional assistance. 


Best Regards, 


Teerth Brahmbhatt 

Ben Towne

Sep 10, 2017


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Hi Aadhithya

Thanks much for your proposal!  How does it work, from a technical perspective?  How does it move heat from one place to another, especially without the components traditionally used in answering that question?

If you have designs, drawings, or photos you could share, that would be helpful for better understanding how the claimed benefits are possible, and help spread the ideas. If you have a full or provisional patent application, you can post a link to that file to help explain the idea (if you want to; send it first to the patent office!).