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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This proposal seems to include PV, wind generation driving membrane-based removal of water vapour from air.
But it misses the key details required: even a detailed drawing of the conceptual mechanisms for power generation would have been extremely useful.
For example, the energy generation through wind is not explained at all, even in the video- it is totally unclear how the system could generate 2500 kWh- what is the scale of this system? Claimed maximum output is indeed 2.5 kW (not kW/h, which is not an energy or power unit) and 500 litres of water/day. What proportion of the energy is from wind? Urban wind energy resources are often poor and turbulent. The collapsible design looks expensive to make, and the roof would need to be strong to cope with the wind loads, but no information on costs and benefits. But it looks good and this design may be an advantage in stormy locations.

In need of more information, we encourage the authors to describe key details for proposal viability.

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