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By using blocks we can stop use of bricks. So production of brick will stopped.



In india still today brick is used for making of buildings.

But production of brick is very difficult and it produce carbon oxide and many other harmful gases.

If brick is replaced by another block we can stop production of brick which will stop generation of green houses gases.

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

Stop all manufacture company of brick 

We will introduce Autoclaved aereted concrete(AAC) block.

AAC block will replace brick

Concrete block can also be option.

Flyash brick is also solution.

But in india all the engineers are using bricks they don't know about other alternatives so awareness is also necessary.

Who will take these actions?

Government of india judicious section.

Stop all manufacture companies of bricks.

They will manufacture different types of blocks. 

Which will not produce green house gases.


Where will these actions be taken?

Staring from one city we can apply in all india. We can first apply in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat , India. And then in all over the world. 

Today Devloped countries is not using bricks. But in india brick production is at 2nd no. To generation of green house gases after traffic.

so aware it in developing country and not devlope contries.

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.


Country 2


Country 3


Country 4

Sri Lanka

Country 5



What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

From Brick production total estimated as 23,000 tones of PM2.5

302000 TONES OF CO

6,000 tones of black carbon and

1.8 million tones of co2.



What are other key benefits?

It will reduce emission of green house gases.

High technology

Low cost



What are the proposal’s projected costs?

No side effects.

Some worker will have no job so we can give them job in manufacture of other blocks.


Medium term.


About the author(s)

Student of master in civil engineering.

I have completed my engineering from gandhinagar institute of technology.

And doing master at PDPU Gujarat India.

My project is also on AAC blocks.

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