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Aadhithya Sujith

Jun 18, 2017


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Hi I-Fourth Team,

Good work with video and proposal submission. From you proposal submission I see that your generator uses a combination of Solar & wind power to generate energy.

What will be the approximate cost to make one device and since it generates energy at a smaller scale how do you plan to scale its implementation to get higher outputs?

Thanks & regards


Vahram Ayvazyan

Jun 20, 2017


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Hi Aadhithya and thanks for your nice words and questions.
As for the cost, we will need approx. 20000 USD to build the generator but since we plan to test it in various locations/countries with different climates, we will need additional funding. The general cost of the project with logistics, research and marketing will be 50000 USD(this amount is shown in our pitch).
As for the   small scale energy vs output question, the generator's multifunctionality makes it way beneficial to the customer:
First, the generator is self sufficient(thanks to the energy it generates from Sun & Wind) and does not need any resources & money spent on it to work(just maintenance every 2 months). Then, it extracts a certain and impressive amount of clean water. Furthermore, while not mentioning the air purification as the main benefit, it is of great importance in the highly urbanising world nowadays. Last but not least, the generator collects valuable ecological data which will be offered to interested parties(researchers, government agencies, labs, and so forth.).

I hope these respond to your questions. Feel free to write me back should you still have queries.
Best regards


Teerth Brahmbhatt

Aug 27, 2017


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Dear Vahram, 


Have you been able to estimate the supply chain efficiencies that would be gained for such a solution? 

In addition, how would you prove the value of such a system to your potential customers? For example it would be difficult to use a traditional value based metric such as a pay-back period for such a product trying to sell to a municipality or other government entity. 


Best Regards,