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Hari Krishnaa

Aug 11, 2017


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Dear Way Carbon,

As an Urban Disaster Risk Management Practitioner, I have read your contest proposal with an Immense Interest.

It's a very good idea to Identify hotspots of vulnerability to assist decision makers in cities. In the wake of rapid urbanization and Increasing disaster events in cities all over the world, an Initiative like this hold critical Importance. Let me share a few suggestions here:

1. Your proposal reads like a research blog based on a desk review. Please revisit the proposal and make it action oriented and propose a few concrete actions that you would like to Initiate.

2. You have clearly Identified the threats that pose disaster risks. However, you also need to define vulnerability in the Introductory section of your proposal and clearly articulate the types (Infrastructure/Community of vulnerabilities that your proposal aims to address.

3. What are the operational aspects of this Initiative? where are you planning to Implement this approach and on what scale?

4. Finally, what is the Innovation in the proposal? Are you planning to try out an existing methodology or an approach or you want to Innovate or Improvise a methodology?

I hope you will find these thoughts useful and Improve your proposal.

Thank you