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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

It is difficult to find fault with the goals of this project: coastal mangrove protection (and reference to rehabilitation long-term) coupled with the development of alternative livelihood strategies and the provision of basic services for underserviced communities. However, the project relies on a single climate stress relevant solution (mangroves) along with good livelihood diversification development and series of subsidies and incentives, without substantial research on a) how far mangrove protection and rehabilitation would go to address the problem (e.g. would mangroves help with river flooding due to extreme rainfall events?); b) the feasibility of alternative livelihood strategies (the assumption seems to be, train them in something else and it will work); c) the potential to pay for this. The project relies on lobbying government departments and assumptions that these would partner as well as approaching private sector actors to incorporate this into their CSRs. No evidence is provided that the project team has experience or connections in this area, nor is it clear who would lead the development (the team does not seem to have extensive on-the-ground experience in livelihood development). In sum, we would say that development and livelihood diversification is always a good idea, but this proposal does not articulate a clear path to achieve this.

We would urge the author/s to make some modification of their approach to also make sure they are not compounding the problems of the region. For example actions #3 and #4 should be redesigned to ensure that they are emissions neutral or negative. Suggestion a transfer from wood to stove fuel (presumable gas of some sort) is not a good trade since it increase GHG emissions. If this were coupled with use of solar ovens in #3 and use of PV or wind in #4 for electricity gen, that would be the full package because you could also add another benefit in regard to transition to renewable energy!

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