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Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

Aug 3, 2017


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I am taking the privilege to thank you for submitting to the adaptation contest! We look forward to seeing how you develop your proposal.

Best wishes,



Hari Krishnaa

Sep 3, 2017


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Dear Future Green ESL,

Thank you for your proposal on Community Livelihood Alternative to protect Mangroves. 

Mangroves conservation and promotion for flood risk reduction are a proven and well-documented strategy world wide. It has also been proven that Involvement of local communities and ensuring their livelihood security is vital to sustaining mangroves. Therefore your proposal is feasible and has potential to make Impact. 

However, I'm unable to see novelty or Innovation in your proposal. Mangroves don’t always provide a standalone solution. They may need to be combined with other risk reduction measures and most Importantly mangroves conservation needs to be Incorporated into broader coastal zone management planning. However, coastal zone management strategies usually miss community perspectives and livelihood Interest. Perhaps your proposal can look into innovative approaches to ensure community perspectives are Integrated into coastal zone planning and management with tri-benefits of community livelihood security and mangroves protection and enhanced disaster resilience.   

Best Wishes

Glory Izimah

Sep 5, 2017


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Thank you very much Harl Krishnaa for your comment, observation and recommendation. Your observation is very well taken note of, however, if you read through the actions to be undertaken in the proposal, you will see where we stated that we would lobby state and federal governments of Nigeria to integrate Community Livelihood Alternative into mangrove conservation plans. Once CLA finds its way into the mangrove conservation plans, it will automatically form part of the coastal zone management programme. This is because, mangrove conservation is one of the strategic plans of the integrated coastal zone management.

The proposal does not also suggest mangrove conservation as a stand alone solution. CLA is an advocacy tool for mangrove conservation which in turn will help reduce flood and enable community people adapt to climate change induced flood risk.