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Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

Aug 3, 2017


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Thanks for submitting to the adaptation contest! We look forward to seeing how you develop other categories like ‘impact’, 'costs' etc.

Best wishes,


Hari Krishnaa

Aug 13, 2017


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Dear Georges Sassine,


You have a very Interesting Idea that needs to be elaborated further. Let me share a few comments with an Intent to assist further development of your Idea.

1. What is the real problem that you want to address-Is it the absence of back up resources to provide electricity or is it lack of finances or both. If so, where specifically? 

2. You need to Identify a specific region or a country where you find a paucity of resources for creating contingencies for electricity to communities Immediately after disaster event passes. Subsequently, you need to elaborate on the context of that country or region and articulate why your solution is best suited there. 

3. Your proposed Initiative will have to deal with a lot of Iin-country and regional policy and cooperation Issues. Your proposal needs to discuss what are the facilitating and limiting factor for such cooperation between countries/states in a region or a country where you want to Implement it. 

4. Why Insurance? Why not pooling of disaster contingency funds under a regional umbrella cooperation entities such as ASEAN, SAARC, African Union, etc. In fact, many of these regional bodies already have several cooperation arrangements for a collective response to disasters. They may or may not need to go for Insurance approach. That's the reason you need to do a bit more desk research on the region where you wish to Implement it.

5. Finally, how do you want to operationalize it? An Initiative like this would need high Investment. How would you raise funds, how would you get the participation of concerned states and what are your plans for sustainability of such an Investment? your proposal needs to discuss these matters clearly. 

I hope these comments and suggestions would be useful in revising and completing your proposal.

Thank you

Hari Krishna