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Global Warming is a global threat of scale, to stop it requires global resources: 2% of world GDP.



A global system that consumes is incoherent: 2% of global GDP in military spending, another 2% in corruption, another 2% in money laundering, another 2% in smoking, another 2% in drug trafficking and another 2% in mobile telephony (12% of total GDP in superfluous expenses) ... While refusing to contribute a fund of 2% to save the whole planet ... The UN Environment Program (UNEP) advises allocate 2% for the green economy ... what are we waiting for ?!

With these funds it will be possible to allocate an annual budget of 500 billion US dollars to end world hunger, pandemics and mitigate extreme poverty. It will also be possible to activate a planting program of 30 billion trees per year to capture CO2 in the trunks to later bury them and return this greenhouse gas to the subsoil and return to the 350 ppm free in the atmosphere. As well as moving cars to hydrogen and electricity, accelerating fusion reactors, decontaminating the oceans and recovering fishing grounds, combating global corruption, drug trafficking, trafficking and terrorism.

To administer the resources a presidential Planetary Eco-government with responsibilities in ecological and global areas is proposed, controlled by a system of Digital Direct Digital Democracy integrated by the world citizenship and advised by a Council of the Sciences formed by scientists. Because robotics will destroy the relationship between capital and labor supplanting 80% of the workforce, it is proposed to replace money for qualified time and leave behind the capital model. This will allow a minimum life annuity for all citizens for life.

In a few years the North Pole will thaw completely during the summers. The albedo effect will no longer be present and the waters of the Arctic Ocean will begin to overheat, then the enormous deposits of methane gas hydrates, 30 times more efficient CO2 in greenhouse effect, will begin to be released from the seabed into the atmosphere. The global average temperature may rise to 6º C and 12º C.





Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?


1) Creation of the Eco E-Government Global under the Digital Direct Democracy system, advised by a Council of Sciences made up of scientists.


2) The executive power of the EEGG will be presidential, with a term of 4 years and with the option of a second term for another 4 years.


3) Digital Direct Democracy works through the Internet and all citizens from 16 years of age are authorized to vote laws that regulate and regulate the entire planet, without the need for legislative representatives. It can also dismiss the current world authorities for breach of their functions.


4) The Council of Sciences has the function of advising the World Legislative Power, composed of all citizens qualified to vote, providing a scientific basis for their arguments. It is integrated by a planetary network of first level scientists.


5) The objective of the EEGG is to ensure peace, progress and habitability of the planet for all generations, therefore it is the highest world authority and national governments are obliged to submit to its laws.


6) The EEGG has full powers to arrange intervention over any national jurisdiction, which does not protect natural resources existing in its territory, which are vital for the rest of the planet's population.


7) The creation of a single Planetary Army will be established, forming a coalition of member states that accept this initiative and in doing so dissolve their national armed forces in order to rationalize resources.


8) The strength of the Green Helmets will be created to intervene in environmental conflicts.


9) English will be adopted as the second universal language and it will be arranged that it be taught in all the educational systems of the world.


10) The EEGG will be financed with the contribution of 2% of world GDP, for this it will apply a rate of 0.3% on the international and national financial system. If this rate is insufficient, an 8% tax will be applied on the profits of the oil companies operating in each country, and if this is not enough, an appeal will be made to collect up to 5% of the net profit of the multinationals. As an alternative, the subsidy of about 1 trillion dollars will be taken away from oil, gas and coal, while the creation of the Planetary Army allows the saving of another trillion.


11) By popular consultation citizens will vote if they agree with the formation of a Planetary Government, under the presidential form of executive power, renewable every four years, with limited responsibilities to solve global problems. Through an Internet vote of 7,500 million we can decide the future of our planet and the supervision can be exercised by the United Nations. Half plus one of all the votes will enable the creation of the EEGG.


12) The software giants - Google and Microsoft - will be hired to develop a system that makes it possible to monitor every penny online, from the time it is assigned or donated, to its final destination. Any user on the web can follow up.



With 2% of world GDP, on an annual basis, it will be possible to:

1. Abolish extreme poverty throughout the Earth, forever

2. No child will die more from hunger and from preventable diseases.

3. They will green the forests, 30 billion trees will be planted per year.

4. Technology will be renewed to stop polluting.

5. The vehicle fleet will be replaced by a hydrogen and electric one.

6. Alternative energies will be developed in replacement of oil and coal.

7. The oceans will be decontaminated.

8. Amazonia will be saved.

9. Overpopulation will be limited.

10. There will be games for environmental catastrophes.

11. Terrorism will be fought.

12. International drug trafficking will be fought.

13. Criminality and organized corruption will be dismantled.

14. Ecosystems will be preserved.


In addition, the United Nations Millennium Development Goals will be met

1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

2. Achieve universal primary education

3. Promote gender equality and the autonomy of women

4. Reduce child mortality

5. Improve maternal health

6. Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases

7. Guarantee the sustainability of the environment

8. Promote a global partnership for development


What is needed for this Positive World Change?

The Master Plan must be exposed and debated at the United Nations. Then call a global referendum to approve by simple majority the creation of the E-Planetary E-Government Coalition and the Global Direct Digital Democracy system. We will all guarantee ourselves participation in the improvement of a new world of freedoms and responsibilities at the service of planetary citizens.


According to scientists, the deadline is 2020 for climate change to be irreversible. We have already reached 410 ppm of CO2 and we will pass the 450 barrier before 2030. Dr. James Hansen warns us that with 1º C more than average global temperature the oceans will be able to ascend up to 8 meters. With this scenario there will be around 600 million evacuated people in the coastal cities. This future is approaching us before 2050 ... We still have the rational option to avoid it. We are all equally responsible. We must act now!


Between 2030 to 2050 the oceans will rise the first half meter, then reach 6 and 8 meters or more inclusive. But with the arrival of the first half meter the prices of the properties located in all the coastal cities of the world will collapse. Nobody will be able to sell them. They will not be worth anything. Because everyone will know they are doomed to flood. This is like 2 + 2 = 4, irreversible ...

In a few more years the North Pole will thaw completely during the summers. The albedo effect will no longer be present and the waters of the Arctic Ocean will begin to overheat, then the enormous deposits of methane gas hydrates, 30 times more efficient than CO2 in greenhouse effect, will begin to be released from the seabed into the atmosphere. The global average temperature may rise abruptly to 6º C and 12º C in both poles, with which the glaciers will thaw at an accelerated rate. If this happens the water contained in the Greenland glaciers will make ascend the world's 7 meters oceans, and the Antarctic glaciers up to 70 meters. When will this happen? As soon as the Arctic is completely thawed ... that is, soon!

To administer the resources a presidential Planetary Eco-government with responsibilities in ecological and global areas is proposed, controlled by a system of Digital Direct Digital Democracy integrated by the world citizenship and advised by a Council of the Sciences formed by scientists. Because robotics will destroy the relationship between capital and labor supplanting 80% of the workforce, it is proposed to replace money for qualified time and leave behind the capital model. This will allow a minimum life annuity for all citizens for life.


Sir Nicholas Stern defined that the 1st of the GDP should be invested to stop the global warming. We increase it to 2%, including the eradication of hunger and extreme poverty.

Our actions in the decades immediately ahead may involve the risk of a disruption of economic and social activity for the rest of this century and the next, on a scale similar to that of the Great Wars and the Great Depression. This is the conclusion of the report by the economist Sir Nicholas Stern commissioned by the government of the United Kingdom and that was published on October 30, 2006.

Its main conclusions affirm that an investment equivalent to 1% of world GDP is needed to mitigate the effects of climate change and that if this investment is not made, the world would be exposed to a recession that could reach 20% of global GDP. The report also suggests the imposition of eco-taxes to minimize socio-economic imbalances.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) proposed allocating 2% of the world annual GDP by applying: 0.5% to sectors of natural capital (forests, agriculture, freshwater and fishing); 1% to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy (mainly applied to construction, industry and transport), and the remaining percentage to waste and public transport.




1. 500 billion USD / year to eradicate hunger, diseases and mitigate extreme poverty.

2. 100 billion USD / year to plant 30 billion trees / year and capture CO2 in the trunks and regulate the climate.

3. 250 billion US dollars (single item) to urgently accelerate the development of fusion reactors and replace the energy matrix based today on hydrocarbons and coal.

4. 100 billion USD / year to decontaminate the oceans and recover the fishing grounds.

5. 3 billion US $ / year to develop technology for the diversion of asteroids that may impact the Earth.

7. One trillion US $ / year to finance the Planetary Army that will replace the national ones.

8. 250 billion US dollars (single item) for environmental catastrophes.

9. 300 billion USD / year for the development of alternative energies.



· Creation of the NGO Commission of Cooperation and Universal Volunteering of the Solidarity Fund.

· Call for the presentation of NGO programs to eradicate hunger, diseases and poverty on the planet, financed by the Solidarity Fund.

· Use of the greatest technological and human resources in order to end hunger, overpopulation and Global Warming.

· Projects of political and humanitarian forms to generate the desired World Positive Change.

· Study of strategies to obtain support from the majority of the population and entities to the Solidarity Fund.




Plant 30 billion trees per year will capture CO2, burying the trunks and proceeding to an intelligent regulation of global climate





You can plant 30 billion new trees per year (we cut 15 billion per year, the equivalent area of ??Portugal) and then proceed to bury the trunks, trapping the CO2 and returning this greenhouse gas to the subsoil and proceeding to a control intelligent global climate, by regulating free carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Making the forests of the planet green. The task will be carried out by the multinational AEON of Japan with experience in forest recovery, so as not to repeat the mistakes made with green credits. Global warming is turning the frozen deserts of Canada and Northern Siberia into areas suitable for new forests, so agricultural areas will not be invaded in the development of this project.

100 billion US dollars per year will be allocated for this purpose. The Global Reforestation project will make it possible to move from the climate crisis to the complete control of the planetary climate through the regulation of free CO2 in the atmosphere. New techniques have been developed for massive plantings, which use airplanes that stray the suitable soils with seeds. So the recovery of forests can be done in the medium term and in the time of a generation to achieve Humanity intelligently interact with the global climate producing an average temperature suitable for the best sustainability.

The Arctic will also recover, the Amazon will be saved and the oceans will be decontaminated, protecting biodiversity.

Who will take these actions?

The initiative of the Eco E-Government Global Project financed with 2% of world GDP, under the system of Digital Direct Digital Democracy, must be assumed from within the United Nations. From there, to convene an international plebiscite and submit the Master Plan to a vote of all planetary citizens. It is approved with half plus one of the votes. From that moment, the coordination of the actions, in combination with the different nations, is in charge of the global executive power established with global ecological concerns and the laws are promulgated by the World Parliament composed of all the citizens of the world from the 16 years old.

Where will these actions be taken?

The actions of the Master Plan to Save the Planet are global, they apply to all biomes and ecosystems, including cities. The annual Green Fund of 2% of the world's GDP provides the necessary and sufficient effective financing to activate the Arctic, Amazonian, decontamination of the oceans, salvage programs, recovery of forests, recovery of biodiversity, investment in energy alternatives, scale reengineering for smart cities, etc.

The Advisory Council, made up of top-level scientists from all continents, which works with the World Parliament, selects the projects to be financed with the Green Fund and which are more beneficial for the quick recovery of the planetary and environmental thermo-equilibrium.

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.

No country selected

Country 2

No country selected

Country 3

No country selected

Country 4

No country selected

Country 5

No country selected


What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

Once the Master Plan to Save the Planet has been activated, sufficient funds will be available to invest intensively in the development of fusion reactors, which will allow the replacement of thermal power stations that operate with oil, gas and coal. Explosion cars will also be replaced by electric cars and hydrogen cars. This will reduce CO2 emissions by 80%. At the same time, the planting of 30 billion trees per year, of the fast-growing species, kiri, will allow an average of 1.5 ppm of annual CO2 to be extracted, which can be trapped in the trunks and then buried in the subsoil. You can also invest intensively in the giant fans capable of catching the CO2 of the air, then convert it into fuel.

Over other projects 2% FOR THE PLANET allows to stop pollution and global warming in the short term, and reverse both problems in the medium and long term.

What are other key benefits?

The Global Eco Project E-Goverment 2% FOR THE PLANET is a unifying and distributive omni. It allows activating and developing multiple key projects for the health of the environment in virgin territories, in the countryside and in cities. At the social level, it integrates us all with a Global Eco-Government and involves us participatively with the Digital Direct Global Democracy. At the level of nations, it places limits on ecological sovereignty and determines interventions when the strategic natural reserves for Humanity are not adequately protected.

The Green Fund of 2% FOR THE PLANET is redistributed equitably among all national territories so that environmental projects can be applied and developed at national and local levels in cities.


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

The economic costs of the project are equivalent to 2% of world GDP annually. This is the effort that must be made to end world hunger, stop the overpopulation bomb and stop global warming.

To avoid the distorting effects of corruption and the improper administration of resources, the software giants - Microsoft and Google - are invited to develop an online program that allows tracking of every dollar of the Fund, or donated, to its final destination. And that can be monitored by any user.


In the period of 1-15 years (short term) it will be possible to end world hunger, pandemics and mitigate extreme poverty all over the planet. Reduce CO2 pollution by 80% and stabilize the global average temperature below the 1.5 ° C threshold.

In the period of 15-50 years (medium term), overpopulation will have stabilized. There will be 0 trend of contamination by CO2. The Arctic will be in recovery along with the Amazon and biodiversity and the oceans, there will be food security for the entire population.

In the period of 50-100 years (long term) the ppm of CO2 will have descended to 380 and the global temperature will drop 1º C, recovering the balance in the thermo-equilibrium of the planet.

About the author(s)

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I have taught children and adults. Through my online portal, about 100,000 students from different parts of the world have received instruction.


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