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Hari Krishnaa

Feb 18, 2018


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Hello Animesh,

Thanks for this proposal that explores avenues for risk transfer and livelihoods of landless farmers.

As I understand, your proposal has two Important components : (i) Bringing landless farmers in the net of Availing Risk Transfer schemes to help them cope with shocks, (ii) Promoting waste recycling to enhance their livelihoods + meet the costs of risk transfer Insurance mechanisms.

These two Issues are definitely Important and Interesting. However, your proposal needs to address following questions and provide stronger argument:

1. More statistics on the numbers and ratio of landless farmers in India and in the states in particular where you want to ground this proposal.

2. Current status of their coping with disasters to understand the Issue better. There are a number of PDNA studies and papers that can provide some insights. for instance, this paper discusses the impact of floods on landless farmers-

3. Linkin landless farmers risk transfer needs with waste recycling income sound Innovative. But I can see a strong argument as to why only waste recycling? how is it connected with landless farmers? urban and rural waste recycling itself is a big industry with the dediated labor force. Is it feasible to align landless farmers with this? or are you talking about farm waste? farm waste management is also well researched and practiced area in sustainable agriculture. Please review this part and strengthen your argument. 

4. Also, what has prompted you to choose the states you have chosen? Are there any particular circumstances? or is it operational convenience? 

5. Finally, part of your proposal has an advocacy orientation. Your proposed research should be guided by current Insurance market regulations. I'd recommend you to study IRDA policies and regulations. IRDA should be your advocacy target and partner for the research part of your proposal.

I hope you will find these thoughts useful.

Best Wishes

Hari Krishna