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Our product is functional in conventional vehicles, or in vehicles that work with alternative increasing autonomy in percentages 15 and 30%



Our proposal is to adapt our device, which does not require maintenance easy installation and obtain the results of 15 % to 30 % economy in the fuel , or when the fuel is very economical as in the case of electricians increase their autonomy , in this way we can lower the pollution that reaches the air by burning fossil fuel , or in different , case lengthen the life utility of the batteries of electric vehicles by increasing autonomy , we already have a previous study of the results , the patent and the corresponding mark to the proposal . We improve the power condition , and increase the torque with which we achieve that the vehicles make a more efficient and effective displacement to improve, or otherwise optimize the fuel consumption , our proposal is not aerodynamic , it is mechanical advantage that helps improve the cost for the transporter and the air quiality for community , in this way we achieve a great social , economic environmental impact and boost the work , we lack the capital to carry out the commercial test to give an industrial beginning and scale to our product.

What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

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What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

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