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Every item in a building has come from direction and creates a whirlpool. When the extreme weather aproaches create oposite whirlpool.



A wave has four states: rise, peak, fall, recede. A wave of heat, water vapors, drought, cold etc. moves in a direction. Moon rotating around the globe creates floods or waves in the ocean. Moon has four phases: New Moon, First quarter, Full Moon, Last quarter. Our planet rotates around the sun and the distance between the place on earth and the sun decreases till astronomical noon and after starts increasing. When a place on earth gets a warning about approaching climate extreme the  human activity of the world should be reorganized to even the extremes in the economy and buildings in the direction this wave moves. Every human activity has four stages: begins (gets name), grows, peak, then the intensity reduces and activity lose its name. So create a collective map where the map is turned in the direction of the wall of every building. Every item in a building has come from some direction. When an extreme weather approaches software will calculate directions and positions of all known items in a building, astronomical time according to sun and moon phase and tell people where and what direction to put them to create an opposite whirlpool to cool an extreme weather event.

What actions do you propose?

Look at a world and our body's as waves. Every item has name (sound), color (frequency of light), state (gets name, moves, stops, loses name) and direction.

Global map shows the measurement system of each country and language (rhythm of sounds) of each region.

Every product is painted in some color. Every manufacturer should write the frequency of the color of it's product. And it's function (accumulates, rotates, transforms, speeds up or slows down).

Computer operating systems should have three more fields for astronomical year and time of the place the computer is and time that has passed after new moon and the zodiac the moon is. By doing so we will bind an event to the place on earth and position of sun and moon.

Stop daylight savings globally. By doing this we will not create two big waves on our planet twice a year.

Create a global map for each building. Turn this map in the direction of each wall of the building. Show the degrees to the axis of the rotation of the planet. Show the force. We need more force to go against the rotation of the planet or climb a hill and against the wave created by moon. Sun's position also influence the activity. If we start activity (name) before dawn and finish before sunset it will require less effort less energy.

Every cash register on the planet should register astronomical time of a building it operates, the time that passed from New Moon and the cardinal direction of the cash register.

Every cash register is connected to central server and WMO knows the directions, positions of buildings and intensity in a stores worldwide. First it is enough to observe official trade between countries and towns and adjust reporting time to astronomical time of the town, country, region. Put the weather forecast map on the map of movement of things i.e. economy so that the time of reporting and forecasting was the same.

The software calculates directions and intensity of things in the news and social forums. The software calculates the intensity in continents, regions, countries, towns, buildings and directions of things and money and issues news that connects places, directions and names of things and tells what to do or what happened. For example: TV sets in California facing east with deviation 15 degree has to be switched off. The price of potato from Chile should increase 5% in European Union. Items of color red should be placed to North East side of the building. Milk from Lithuania was exported to Chile. Every news increase intensity of the event. Silence reduce intensity.

It does not need much effort nor big computational power. Even if small part of humanity follow the routine and directions to mitigate extreme weather the planet will start calming down.

First people will be aware of the directions of their daily routine, position of sun and moon phase.

Universities study how time in a day, directions, shapes and colors influence people's mind and how to shift economic growth (greed) to contentment, caring and sharing.

Who will take these actions?

UNFCCC initiates creating digital maps of the globe from the perspective of each building. Weather forecast is shown to the man inside the building and the direction of the building.

Governments agree to connect all accountancy to global server. First official data of the trade between continents, countries, towns is shown on the single global map.

Every news agency shows the place of the events on the map and their directions, positions of sun, moon. UN creates software which analyzes waves created by events and change external colors of the buildings.

Business is aware of decisions affecting global weather.

The aim of individuals to perform actions to mitigate extreme weather.

News agencies report about extreme weather being mitigated.

Where will these actions be taken?

This will occur in developed countries. People in developing countries should be informed about directions of their premises and write then on the external walls of their buildings .

What are other key benefits?

When all people are aware of their actions affecting the globe there will be less conflicts and diseases do to imbalance of biorhythm of people.

What are the proposal’s costs?

For governments to agree

For the software creation and implementation

To connect cash registers and accountancy software to WMO server.

Time line

5 years for all governments to agree to use global economy for climate mitigation.

1 year create software for news creation.

5-10 years to connect accountancy to WMO server.

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