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What is great for big business is not for everyone. We will work to educate, equip and mobilize the general public to act on Climate Change.



Anthropogenic Climate Change presents a global scale challenge that is the responsibility of all citizens to act on, regardless of political affiliation, economic and social class or other beliefs, the natural environment is ours to share and it is solely our responsibility to maintain and cultivate it for ours and future generations.

While many brilliant minds work to create and enact tech based solutions to act on the plethora of problems with solutions that work for the majority of us, by and large most people are not equipped to deal with these issues and ultimately people cannot be left in a position where they are at the mercy of experts to give them all of the answers.

Indeed it is difficult to deny that our drive for technologic process and our industriousness is the very source of his crisis. So, it seems only natural to me that we go back to the drawing board in terms of how to prepare the global population to play a valuable role.

From planting community gardens, to utilizing public transportation and making wiser choices as a consumer, there are many ways that the ordinary citizen plays a key and fundamental role in how these challenges are being tackled by governments and other institutions, but still it remains a challenge to motivate people to act on their best interest here.

I believe the problem is that there are very few incentives to encourage average citizens to act in any kind of substantial way, because as the world is facing such a serious environmental crisis that we're literally on the heels of an Extinction Level Event, we are facing an economic crisis that has most of us grid locked in a day to day struggle just to meet our basic needs let alone to plan for the future.

I think that it is our duty as citizens in this era to work hand in hand with each other to provide some form of relief, to provide education and a path to living a more responsible and environmental friendly lifestyle that places community ahead of consumption and waste.

What actions do you propose?

  • Building and utilizing social capital to build strong local, sustainable and green friendly business communities.

  • Providing Incentives for locals to focus business efforts with Return on Community in Mind as opposed to pure profits, such as developing tax incentives or some kind of system that rewards people in a notable way for their efforts to improve their communities and protect their natural environment.
  • Develop community gardens and curriculums to teach students to grow and cultivate food to feed their communities and develop new business opportunities.
  • Developing tools to track fresh water and equipment to provide it.


Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

Our focus will be to build on counter culture in consumerist rich cultures with a strong and robust movement to build and promote strong local and environmentally friendly business and lifestyles that can provide tools and techniques that can be easily adapted for use in nations that are especially suffering from extreme climate change.

What are other key benefits?

Communities are only as resilient and sustainable as their members are capable to provide the needs of their families and in turn make contributions back to the community. The more that we develop these kind of strategies and techniques on a smaller scale, the stronger our the international economy will be and the more we will all be far better prepared to face the challenge of Anthropogenic Climate Change.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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