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Harvesting Wave energy with very slimpler mechanism yet low cost design=Practical for real world.



Basically This patented mechanism is very simple yet very cost effective and energy efficient. The mechanism has a floating platform with plow shaped wave catchers which intercepts waves in order to absorb energy. The energy absorbed helps spin the generators on tehe floating platform.

What actions do you propose?

The Idea will have direct impact on environment with energy farms near coastal cities. This farms can provide electricity very cost effectively. The previous designs have failed due to their complex high cost design. But this design uses 100% parts available into the market presently for medium scale model. This helps lower the initial risk. Once the design is perfected it can be replicated near cities like Boston, Mumbai and help generate electricity clean and at very low cost.

Who will take these actions?

Myself, Rohan Patel, actively seeking for a gov. grant in order to make full scale model of my invention. Inventors like me need a face to face meeting with judge, so we can address any concerns judges may have during evaluation. Every competition I take part has only one sided final decision. We need a system where inventors are given an opportunity to respond any concerns rises during evaluation. Working as a one team asking and answering issues is a key to success which usually never get practiced.

Where will these actions be taken?

I am presently in India, obtaining all necessary permissions needed for deployment of my project.

Once refined the technology can be refined near any coastal areas at very low start up and ongoing cost.

What are other key benefits?

Over 54% world population lives within 150 mile of a coast ling. With addition to industrial development, coastal area consumes about 70-80% of total electricity. Once refined this technology will help generate electricity at lower cost compare to any other method in existence presently. The technology will have huge impact on environment and is quickly scalable because it uses over 80% parts available into the market presently.

What are the proposal’s costs?

A Medium scale model with 200kw continuous electricity generating unit would cost USD $ 180,000. This unit will generate electricity worth

365 x 24 x 200kwh x $ 0.09 = $157,680.


Time line

Once refined, the technology can be replicated quickly since it uses all parts which are available into the market presently. It would fairly take 5-15 years of short term.

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