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Aissatou Diagne

May 9, 2016


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Hi Deivisbluz,

Thank you for your proposal. However, I am still quite clear what the value add of your proposal is. Please explain more thoroughly what the project would do and what the exact benefits are.

Good luck!


Deivis Bluznevi?ius

May 9, 2016


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Each container is a whirlpool. The movement of air is different inside of container and outside. We can look at a whole economy as a movement of things and creation and breakage of relationships. Things move in a direction of streets and walls of the buildings. They assemble into bigger entities at one place and disassemble at other places. They get accelerated at streets, stairs, corridors, factory lines, places of extraction of materials and stop at warehouses, furniture, shelves, trash bins. Since the whole planet is one organism, one big movement each chain affects all other chains. Accumulation of waste and emptying of trash bins, waste containers creates a wave. When trash bin or waste container is empty it attracts waste more than when it is full. The decaying waste emits smell i.e. chemicals. The pressure of air in a container is part of the whole atmosphere. By choosing places in towns economy which are needed to speed up or slow down we can change the movement of things and weather at the same time. Waste containers, trash bins, waste sorting line, and recycling of materials connects all subsiding waves and whirlpool of the economy. We can look at each object as a whirlpool which connects all waves from the extraction of the materials, creation of a product, manufacturing, marketing, selling, using and the breakage of connection or disposal. Waste accumulates in a container then gets a speed and direction of streets, stops at a dump or waste sorting line where it gets the direction and speed of a waste sorting line.

The software will take the world weather forecast. The waste containers and trash bins have the definite place in a town and building. The software (a real time map) will observe the places containers are kept, the pace of waste accumulation and the time of emptying of waste containers, the route of waste carrying vehicle and weather forecast of that town. The waste accounting software is developed in Lithuania now. We need to connect such software with weather modeling software. Winds even atmospheric pressure on the planet. Air is common for all on the planet. The pressure of air in an empty trash bin and full one differs. Items get into factories packed. These packages becomes waste. Some of the materials are not used fully and becomes waste. Items get into the stores packed and this package becomes waste. Things get into houses packed and this packaging becomes waste. After some time unused things become waste. Waste accumulates in containers which are emptied according to schedule. So we can shift a schedule and change the whole routine of a town and economy. This proposal is a part of a vision of the economy and streams in the whole planet functioning to even the weather.

Osero Shadrack Tengeya

May 26, 2016


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Hi Deivisbluz,

Its recommended that you incorporate your answer inside the proposal template. This will ensure that all your arguments are captured during the screening period. Judges do have limited time with them.All the best.