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Chad Knutsen

May 1, 2016


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Not to be fastidious, but is this not sort of what most people are already recycling centers/different trash bins etc?

Perhaps gamifying it could be cool though. Such as, by having a digital app, that you could use to somehow keep track of how much trash you recycled, and then have community/neighborhood scoreboards/teams? And there could be real world prizes of some kind both for winning communities, and winning individuals etc.  It might make it something fun for kids to do for example. Work out a contract with gamestop or something like that to offer prizes? discounts? And of course there could be a part of the game/app in which folks could use their recycled things as "items" within a game. Such as the resources one needs to build their base in clash of clans, type fact you could call it...Trash of Clans...or Trash of the Titans...?". A game where you keep track of how much you recycle day to day, and each time you do, you get more resources that you need in-game. 

Ok I kind of went off on a tangent, but that could be way neato. 


Aissatou Diagne

May 9, 2016


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Hi there!

Thank you for your proposal! Chad, in his previous comment, poses a question most of us will have when reading your proposal. How is what you are proposing different from what already exists today?

Additionally, I would respond to the last questions on the costs, emissions reduction, and time line to make your proposal stronger. You can guestimate for now and update as needed once you have a clearer idea of what will be needed.

Best of luck!


Aurora Nguyen

May 13, 2016


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Only a fraction of which are doing so. The idea is to create a scaled organized system, so that trash can better fall into its category. Currently, trash is not organized efficiently and is all thrown into the same pile, hence carbon emissions. The easier of a pathway we make for organizing trash our better we will be at managing trash and carbon emission.

My proposal is different, because the only current trash bins that exist is 1) Trash and 2) Recycle. That means that our toiletries sit with our food, our metals, clothing, glass, etc., all in bin 1) trash.

We need to create more elemental separations to better manage our trash. 

I hope this answers your question!