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Software monitoring waste collection. Software chooses the route for waste collecting vehicle in which order empty containers to affect town



All things have two characteristics shape or color and name. Waste is such a shape which has all colors mixed and all names gone. The owner cuts off all relationship with things and call it waste. The waste carries all vibrations from the extraction of the materials through design manufacturing distribution selling using and then an object loses its name. Waste accumulates in specific areas in towns and buildings in trash bins and in waste containers. Every trash bin creates a whirlpool and a wave. Waste from all different places accumulates in a trash bin and then at a particular time a trash bin gets emptied. Air pressure is different in full trash bin and empty one. This creates a wave. We need to create a map which shows where trash bins in the public buildings and waste containers in the town are situated. We should create a software which looks at the garbage collecting system in real time and then simulates the weather in the town looking at the points where waste accumulates. Every trash bin recycle bin and waste container has its own astronomical noon. The software chooses the route for a waste collecting vehicle in which order to connect waste from different places and how waste collecting vehicle should move in the streets (collected waste gets a spin of the vehicle moving in the direction of roads and settles down in a dump or a waste sorting line.) Then the simulation software compares the weather forecast and a map with waste containers and sends reminder to garbage collectors working in public buildings when to carry out garbage and simulates the route for waste collecting vehicles that their movement creates a whirlpool to mitigate the weather on the planet.

Category of the action

Reducing emissions from waste management

What actions do you propose?

Create a software for garbage collecting simulation. Create a map where there are locations of trash bins in every public building and of waste containers in town. Map shows astronomical noon for every waste container. Software simulates the route for waste collecting vehicle in which order to empty waste containers and to connect waste. It registers where and at what astronomical time waste collecting vehicle loads off. This we need to compare with weather forecast. The route for a vehicle needed for weather mitigation has to be created and shown to the driver of the vehicle via mobile app.

Who will take these actions?

Governments has to initiate creation of such framework. It should put the goal for waste collecting system to mitigate the climate. The software company has to create such software. Waste collecting services around the world has to implement it in their daily routine.

Where will these actions be taken?

This should start in developed countries because people and businesses are more disciplined there.

What are other key benefits?

This will enhance relationship between town dwellers because waste unites people. Each individual will realize how disposal of their waste has influence on the weather.

When implemented this system can by applied to buildings. Buildings have their routine. They are active and silent at specific periods of a day and a week. Things accumulate in buildings especially warehouses. By observing waves which are created in buildings we can adjust traffic and supply of electricity water gas to create waves in towns to mitigate weather on the planet.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

The system will shift atmospheric pressure and create whirlwinds on the planet.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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