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Parag Gupta

May 18, 2016


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Hello!  I'm Parag Gupta, an MIT Climate CoLab Catalyst.  Please fill out your proposal if you would like feedback.  Thanks!  (By the way, acetylene is highly flammable and exceptionally unstable, so I don't know where you are going with this.)

Kevin Vonmoses

May 23, 2016


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Do not confuse miles per gallon with efficiency...  The common fuel in the 1920's was moonshine alcohol because there were no fuel stations.

When J Paul Getty broke oil into a fraction called 'ethyl', later called gasoline he persuaded the Government to support Prohibition and eliminate alcohol as a competitor...  To the Public he sold ethyl as going twice as far on a tank of fuel, only because it contained twice the Btu's of alcohol, not because it was any more efficient.

Alcohol is the only truly renewable fuel, but at 6% average efficiency, (Btu fuel consumed vs Btu Work done) the production of Alcohol cannot keep up with demand.

my proposal would make Alcohol viable as a fuel.

Parag Gupta

Jun 15, 2016


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Hello!  It's Parag Gupta again, an MIT Climate CoLab Catalyst.  I have reviewed your materials again and am glad that you addressed some of the points I made in my comments.  Good luck moving forward!