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Kevin Vonmoses

Mar 28, 2016


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What is the Btu/gallon of this fuel?

Jeff Harti

Apr 13, 2016


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Hi Naresh, 

Thank you for submitting your proposal. I appreciate the level of detail and the sourcing, however I do not see how you (through the implementation of this proposal) would accelerate the adoption of jatropha as a transportation biofuel. Given that you list the key actors as: 'Governments, Industries, oil Corporation and Private sectors', is the goal of your proposal to personally develop a commercial jetropha biodiesel production facility or to simply promote others doing so?

Given this type of development seems to be taking place already (see: or, what does your proposal bring to the table that is novel? Also, there have been concerns about food vs fuel with mass cultivation of jatropha on lands that other crops (or fodder for animals) is able to be grown on (, is this something that you have addressed (apologizes if I missed it in your proposal description).



Parag Gupta

May 18, 2016


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Hello!  I'm Parag Gupta, an MIT Climate CoLab Catalyst.  I like this idea!  Were you on the development team that studied the plant, or are you just proposing its implementation?  In the latter case, I agree with Jeff.  Who are the key players, how do you get them interested, and how do you start funding this project from broad scale implementation?  Is this research completed or does more need to be done to understand its implications?  I also do not see much novelty in your proposal.  If you are not the original researcher, you may well find a niche on the implementation side.  However, I find that that area is the one that needs substantial further elaboration in your proposal.  Good luck!

Negah Nafisi

May 24, 2016

Impact Assessment Fellow

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Dear Naresh,

Thank you for submitting your contest proposal.

I’m a Climate CoLab Impact Assessment Fellow who specializes in transportation. I have conducted an impact assessment of your proposal which you can find under the “IMPACT” tab. Please review the documentation (  and model parameters. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us at @negah.