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Jun 27, 2015


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Will you be finishing this proposal before the deadline? I would like to include it into my team's proposal see Unify America under United States Action Plans. My best to you.

Mandi Leigh

Jun 29, 2015


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I will not be able to finish it before the deadline. Please include the idea into yours!

Vanessa Miler

Apr 12, 2016


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Hi MLeigh,

Welcome to MIT Climate CoLab. Thanks for your idea!

Be great if you had time to detail how to mobilize around your proposal. 

There is a mirror proposal already implemented by a couple companies: offering a bonus to employees who relocate closer to their work? For example, Facebook is offering employees at its Silicon Valley headquarters $10,000+ to move closer to the office. To qualify for the payment, employees must buy or rent a home within 10 miles of the Facebook campus at One Hacker Way, a strip of road about 30 miles south of San Francisco. 

Thanks. Vanessa

Mandi Leigh

Apr 13, 2016


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Thanks for this bit of information. 

Parag Gupta

Apr 18, 2016


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Hello!  I'm Parag Gupta, an MIT Climate CoLab Catalyst.  I like this idea on the surface, but you're going to run into a lot of pushback from equal opportunity hiring practices enforcers.  What stops a person from obtaining an edge in the screening process by saying they are local or will be local so that the company supports their employment application?  The person may then choose not to leave their original location, and I doubt the company could do much.  In this scenario, the company loses its financial incentive and perhaps even risks taking on a under-qualified individual.  Theoretically, I believe this incentive to be a good idea; practically, I think you will need a lot more knowledge of employment practices to provide a strong proposal.  To that end, I think the GHG reduction during commutes is actually not the part of the proposal that would be contested by its critics and is, I believe, a very secondary component.  For example, the same incentives could be given to companies to hire locally so that the economic prosperity of the local area is retained.  That is, if you live there, you also spend money there.  If a company can guarantee that income to the city and/or county, one may argue to give companies a financial incentive to hire local.  The basic point is that the driver for this proposal is the financial incentive.  The premise upon which that incentive is awarded would be fairly irrelevant to the hiring company, I would think.

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