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A huge part of this challenge is cultural. chapOrange boosts the PR firepower of YOUR innovative solution by providing FREE comms services.



chapOrange connects two groups of people who are driven to see us accelerate the pace towards a carbon-neutral city: communications professionals (from artists to media relations execs) & entrepreneurs who have innovative carbon neutral solutions.

Our advisory board rates projects according to their potential for carbon reduction, allowing skilled professionals to choose from the best opportunities to offer pro bono services.

1. Register yourself as a service provider (comms professional), or service receiver (entrepreneur)

2. chapOrange evaluates your candidacy

3. Browse our database of projects and professionals or let our genius algorithm suggest most likely matches based on your profile.

chapOrange: stand out of the crowd

The Ask

We're in need of coders to help us build a barebones platform. Then, we need networking assistance to have people create profiles. Finally, we need financing to develop a more robust platform and drive traffic.

What actions do you propose?

Actions are myriad. As diverse as the projects that this competition will spur. Our role is to help each of these projects get off the ground with the communications services provided by our bank of professional volunteers.

Who will take these actions?

Early Stage: confirm advisory board members (individuals)

Mid stage: Bring on government partners to provide funding from sustainability budgets to help scale the site

Late stage: Business partners to encourage their employees to take part.

Where will these actions be taken?

Online platform for exchanging services. Initially in English and French.
Year 1: Montréal
Year 2: + Canada
Year 3: + USA
Year 4: + Commonwealth & la grande France
Year 5: + Latin America, Spain & Portugal
.... + India, China, countries who stand on the cusp of leap-frogging inefficient decades of Western errors

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Very difficult to ascertain, but the culture shift associated with re-defining success from a consumption imperative, to a 'bien vivre' understanding represents the single biggest hurdle to implementing meaningful climate policy in jurisdictions around the world.

What are other key benefits?

Myriad possibilities. Depends on the projects that sign up on the site.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Negligible costs as all but a few administrative positions are voluntary. 

Time line

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