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Drone based technology to identify illegal car parking that cause traffic congestion,pollution.It also help map out air quality dynamically.



My concept proposes for a drone based system to identify illegally parked cars on road sides which cause traffic jams across the city. The drones can automatically identify cars parked illegally on road sides and can zoom in the number plate and identify the culprit and issue an E challan or ticket with proof a photo of illegal parked vehicle.

Traffic jams are responsible for  traffic congestion and pollution. So no traffic jams means vehicles can move more efficiently on roads and reduce GHG emissions.

The drones will also be fitted with air quality sensors, which help track real time GHG emissions from across the city which will be dynamically plotted on a real time map. So when the authorities detect a surge in GHG emissions from an area in the city the drone can check out the possible cause and take into task people responsible for it.



The Ask

  1. A drone expert who can help build the neccesssary technology envsioned in the prposal.
  2. Air quality sensors and go pros for fitting in drones.
  3. A computer programmer for building the computer algorithm for identification of various events and mapping it on a real time map.

What actions do you propose?

  1. Identify illegally parked vehicles on road sides and identify and automatically issue E challan or ticket with number plate recognition.
  2. The drone is also fitted with air quality testers which can monitor the air quality throughout the city in real time and update the data to a pollution map, the authorities can use this data to analyze the causes for rise in pollution levels in certain areas and take necessary precautionary steps.
  3. The drone can also identify people who throw garbage on roads and pollute the environment and vandalize public property

Who will take these actions?

MIT Technology team with collaboration with any leading drone manufacturer.

Where will these actions be taken?

U.S.A,UAE,India, and Europe.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Millions of ton of carbon emissions will be reduced. It is very difficult to measure the approximate amount as it depends on human behavior and actions but when something this is developed it could cut a significant amount as traffic congestion are responsible for most of the GHG emissions.

What are other key benefits?

  1. Reduction in traffic congestion.
  2. Reduction in pollution levels.
  3. The mapping of air quality on a real time map help government authorities identify the industrial companies that pollute more as they can be easliy found out from the real time carbon emission map.

What are the proposal’s costs?

  1. Research cost around $10000.
  2. $2000 for building first prototype.

Time line

It can be developed and deployed in less than 2 years. First fulling working prototype may be built within 6 months.

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