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The Smart Zero Carbon Cities Challenge 2016

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Jan 15, 2016 EST - May 23, 2016 EDT
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May 23, 2016 EDT - Jun 7, 2016 EDT
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Aug 1, 2016 EDT
How can smart technologies drive a rapid transition to zero-carbon cities?

Cities are key actors in efforts to respond to climate change. Over a decade of urban innovation and leadership has shown that meaningful action on climate change is possible.  But with the climate crisis nearing critical thresholds, the type of action that we need to see has reached a new level. In urban areas old and new, we now face the inspiring challenge of creating a rapid transition to zero-carbon cities.

Smart technologies present us with powerful tools to apply to that challenge. We’ve seen impressive results in increasing the efficiency of building, infrastructure, and transportation systems. But more is possible, much more.  This contest is open to all projects that propose innovative applications of smart technologies to the creation of zero-carbon cities. 



16  Proposals

Proposal name

Smart cities, smart transportsNathanaël Langlois and 1 other

If changing a city so it has zero carbon emissions is hard, getting rid of the bad habit of car overuse is a great start.

Behavior Change: Paradigm shift towards e-bikes in NairobiGreen Sun Cities

Assessing social behavior of Nairobi residents on adopting to green transport while piloting our e-bikes as alternative means of transport.

CitizenScienceLab - System Dynamics Think Tank for a Smart Zero Net Carbon CityCitizenScienceLab

Exponentially towards a future with net zero carbon output by engaging individuals & organizations, providing scalable learning & prosperity

chapOrangeMatthew Chapman

A huge part of this challenge is cultural. chapOrange boosts the PR firepower of YOUR innovative solution by providing FREE comms services.

Carbon copsAadhithya Sujith

Drone based technology to identify illegal car parking that cause traffic congestion,pollution.It also help map out air quality dynamically.

ECO-CITYNaresh Bhatt

Eco-City is designed specifically to minimize its energy, water and food needs, reduce its emitting pollution.

{DRAFT1} Microbots insulate and seal existing building wall cavitiesjpdeyst

Small robots probe wall cavities, cooperatively, to plug leaks, create vapor barriers, and insulate, saving significant heat/cooling energy.

Private Smart Zero Carbon City by Global InnovatorOpen Technology Park

My Private Smart Zero Carbon City

Platform for Business with Ecosystem and Environmental Goods and ServicesEderson Augusto Zanetti

Evaluation of natural capital and certification of environmental goods and services for national and international trade

Solar PhotovolticTechnologies build smart cityHira Pant

Photovoltaics (PV) a method of converting solar energy into direct current electricity using semiconducting materials.

Retrofitting Cities.Rosemary Jones

VAWTs to replace chimney pots, balconies to support solar-wind combos, numerous solar clad pylons with VAWTs, and endless reflective paint.