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Petra Pocanic

May 19, 2016


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Hello Naresh!

Nice idea to use the film industry and I can see where your proposal could head.
However, try to elaborate it in the next 4 days before the end of the contest.

As for now and the limited amount of description you gave, the films should be a bit shorter I think (people going to the cinema are often annoyed by any additional screenings). Also, you cannot force the film director and the production/distribution to include the documentary film in the middle of the continuity but you can include it before and after the film screening (or in the DVD itself).

To continue with the proposal pass through the contest overview and contest rules for more insights and judgment criteria. Try to answer those questions, they might help:
Who is your target audience? Who is producing those films? How are you getting them on board? What is your role in the process? Do you need to launch a new production company as service? How much does it costs to produce a 5 min documentary? How are you getting the funds, through what channels and mechanisms? What themes are you going to cover? Are the themes global, local or glocal? How many films do you need to produce? How are you distributing the films?

As for the impact section it is impossible to measure whether the screening will have an effect on emission reduction but you could find audience data for cinemas in different countries/regions and make an estimation of how many people would see the documentaries in a specific country.

Looking forward for the final proposal,


Angélica Lara P.r.

May 19, 2016


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I'm agree with PetraPo,  you should think about the target audience of your documentary, the real cost and the mechanisms to promote it. 

Best Regards!