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Agan Balangalibun

Feb 24, 2016


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Love the idea. People get all excited about Google's daily art work on their homepage, click bait on Facebook, chain questionnaires which spread like wild fire etc. How refreshing it would be to have search engines and social media chipping leveraging their sway over the population for something as important and dire as climate change.

Alison Halderman

Feb 27, 2016


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I love the browser idea...wondering how to make this more concrete. Measuring carbon footprint via internet use seems inaccurate to me, the HOW not clear enough yet in this proposal to me.

I do see something else huge that could happen via browsers....every time you open a browser there could be one of many links to actions being taken, that people can actually join or do themselves. 

Also there is a balance we have to find between urgency and empowerment, between the scary news and positive solutions. We've had decades of writers and others warning us of danger, but aside from silenced media and other issues, we also have people still turning away from climate news as something they feel helpless to change. Need to keep reframing the seriously scary into opportunities for creativity, innovation, community building, even humor.

I'd like to see a formula for what comes up on the browser so that a certain mix of household, workplace, faith community, legal and other activism, etc comes up. For example, a link to something that increases ability to acquire green technology followed a link to actions coming up via followed by a link to an infographic by folks promoting local food systems followed by a link to a new environmental game (that does calculate carbon footprints) followed by a legal action one can donate to (Our Children's Trust, for example, which if it won might require the US government to halt all oil extraction).

I realize I am actually suggesting significant change to this proposal, willing to help with that change if desired (probably in May, since the Ecofiction Challenge is mushrooming and happens in March/April). Also willing to keep asking and asking to try to get it to Google &/or ?, once there is something clear and detailed down to possible costs and procedures.

Will keep an eye on this, and do contact me or comment here if you wish to discuss this further.

Alison in Oregon,

Jacob Brown

Mar 5, 2016


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I agree completely regarding links to actions. The mix of household, workplace and other things are all themes that 
could open up as sub-headings when the main icon is clicked on.

I suppose the idea was not to be very accurate in the carbon footprint estimation (+- 50% would be fine in my opinion)
but rather just bring people's attention to the fact that even their browsing has a carbon footprint and put this in a highly
visible location. This would be quite easy in my opinion. It could be as simple as calculating an average grams of CO2 per webpage worldwide and then just multiplying this by the number of webpages that person visits.

I want to steer away from a complicated tool if I can, just something basic, cheap and simple that alerts people to their browsing footprint and can guide them to further actions.