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Laur Hesse Fisher

Nov 20, 2015


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Stoney Meteorology,

As your proposal does not pertain to the Materials Matter contest prompt, I've moved it to the Proposal Workspace, where you can keep developing your idea.

Maaham Maswood

Apr 7, 2016


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Stoney Meteorology,

I believe there may be a misunderstanding; although water vapour is a greenhouse gas, and the most abundant one, unlike other naturally occurring greenhouse gases in the environment, human activities have not caused it to increase to levels that affect the environment. Its levels have been stable for centuries and therefore does not contribute to the industrial-age climate change. The reason it is not of primary concern is that water vapour, part of the hydrologic cycle, renews itself and our use of it (e.g. water) does not alter the rate of this cycle. Whereas our use of fossil fuels, for example, does increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (by altering the natural rate of the environment's carbon cycle), which makes human activities involving carbon a primary concern.