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Together we will learn what is the behavior change necessary in our daily actions to decrease the climate changes.



The importance of the Surf for Climate is the mobilization of the surfing community and all who are sympathetic towards the campaign to create a collective consciousness about the real impacts of climate change.

This consciousness will be created through the virtual platform of video activism that will be display at Ecosurf site to show how people are dealing with and trying to reduce climate change by changing habits in your day-to-day.

The purpose of the campaign Surf for Climate is to mobilize more people to activism video platform and classroom activities in the surf related events as well as understand what the impacts of the surfing community is suffering and how it is dealing to reduce them, since climate change primarily affect the coastal region, causing severe impacts on the oceans, threatening marine life and coastal populations.

What actions do you propose?

We invite you to to record videos of up to 15 seconds sharing any sustainable action that represents the awareness of the danger of climate change and ideas of how to decrease, from the simplest to choose cycling instead of car, stop eating meat once week to more elaborate actions as creating a composting system in your own home.Together we will share several actions and learn from each other for united fight for a more sustainable environment. And every uploaded video, we at Ecosurf responsible to plant a tree to encourage contact with nature and reforestation.

We will make educational lectures to disseminate knowledge in all collective Ecosurf around the world to publicize the campaign and get people to support. In Brazil, Ecosurf has four collective, the Ecosurf Itanhaém (São Paulo), Ecosurf Imbituba (Santa Catarina), Ecosurf Paracuru (Ceará), Ecosurf Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro). In Italy, we has one collective, the Ecosurf Bali. In Portugal, we has one collective too, the Ecosurf Coimbra.

Who will take these actions?

The Ecosurf was created 15 years ago and it operates in the defense and protection of the Brazilian beaches with projects and campaigns aimed at environmental education and public policy. 

On our social networks has more than 500,000 followers and many volunteers willing to cooperate with the daily changes in behavior, it makes Ecosurf the most popular Surf activism ONG around the world: Website | Fanpage | Instagram | Twitter 

The front of this action is the Ecosurf's team: Patricia Zanella of Ecosurf Itanhaém, Amanda Suita of Ecosurf Imbituba and Mozart Araújo of Ecosurf Ceará.

But beyond us, we expect at least 10% involvement of our followers which would result in 50,000 people affected. In addition to its actions that we will take part leading to the four corners of Brazil the campaign.

Where will these actions be taken?

We will take four actions:

The first will be online, with the virtual platform of video activism that will be display at Ecosurf site. 

The second are all the trees that we will plant before every video send to us, to encourage contact with nature and reforestation.

The third are actions on the University Surf Circuits in Brazil, we will participate to publicize the campaign and personally mobilize the surfing community causing direct impacts. Here the surf circuits we intend to participate: 

Etapa Oi Rio Pro (Stage of World Surfing Championship) - Rio de Janeiro 
Carioca Universitário de Surf - Rio de Janeiro 
Festival Brasileiro Universitário de Surf - São Paulo 
Catarinense Universitário de Surf - Santa Catarina 
Circuito Cearense de Surf - Ceará

The fourth action are educational lectures to disseminate knowledge in all collective Ecosurf around the world to publicize the campaign and get people to support. In Brazil, on your collectives: Itanhaém, Imbituba, Rio de Janeiro and Paracuru. 

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

From the moment that we have a large number of plausible actions to do in our daily lives, to change our routine in a sustainable lifestyle and cause less negative impact on the environment.  And when a large number of tree be planted and many people with a diferent education by having absorved the knowledge of our educational lectures. 

What are other key benefits?

The online record of this action and the possibility of people around the world can be part of this campaign.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Update to improve the website Ecosurf
Value: $ 500
Travel costs (staff + transportation + food + accommodation)
Value: $ 6,000
Promotional material
Value: $ 3,500

Time line

During the first two years we hope to reach 100,000 videos and 1,000,000 million view so that people are impacted and to rethink their daily actions.

With the participation of Surfing events in Brazil, we expect to connect to about 1 million people who meet throughout the year in these events, considering impact at least 10% of people attending the event, which would calculate about 100 000 people.

After these two years, we expect that every affected person will impacted another which would lead us to at least 2 million people rethinking their actions and modifying to reduce climate change. 

This Campain will be the principal of the climate sector in Ecosurf and it will remain while impacting people and promoting actions like mobilization events, lectures and planting trees.

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