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Ernest Omollo

May 23, 2016


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Communication on climate change is often very disempowering. I frequently feel that these are problems far bigger than I can grapple with and over which I have no power. And let's face it, the recommended changes at a personal level - using energy-saving light bulbs or "staycations" - instead of 2 weeks in Ibiza - will have all the resonance of a soggy fart in a hurricane.

Every time I read one of the UNFCCC's dire warnings, earnestly reported in the Guardian, I am reminded of the old codger in the clap-board vest warning "the end is nigh", and whilst in broad agreement (with the UNFCCC) I am more likely to look the other way, possibly claim a duvet day, and stand trapped like a bunny-rabbit in the lights of an oncoming fossil-fuel driven express train.

Other than doom and gloom prognostications, the other favoured form of climate change communication is the celebrity proclamation. But every time Leonardo di Caprio harangues the UN, I am reminded that his personal carbon footprint is large enough to sink a small island state. And by 'eck, it hasn't done him any harm!

Clearly, the way in which the message is delivered is part of the problem. We need a form of messaging which engages both emotions and intellect and in a way which empowers rather than enervates. Maybe comedy is the answer, and this proposal - if funded - will allow us to answer that question.

And if not, then at least we'll go laughing to the gallows.