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Petra Pocanic

May 20, 2016


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nice idea of engaging people around the subject of climate change and make it easier to understand it as a problem present here and now, more personal and more tangible. I still remember those gatherings which were very popular in the 90s here in Croatia (Zepter gatherings) mainly among women (less men).

Have you thought about a mechanism and strategy to keep people engaged and using the webpage/platform? What else are members gaining from it? How do you keep them motivated and entertained somehow? Have you thought maybe about content for kids too? (as a kid I was always present at these gatherings when they were happening at my home).

Keep up the good work and good luck with the final proposal!


Katerina Gaita

May 21, 2016


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Thanks for your thoughts Petra - I'de be keen to know more about the Zepter gatherings.

In answer to your questions - people will be engaged after the gatherings through their local 'Community for Change' which will be supported by an on the ground community organiser - and online tools on our website, social networks etc. Their mission is to create the climate for change needed for effective action in their community by finding ways that they can engage their community members. This will really be driven by participants and supported by us. They will all find their own ways - some may want to write letters, some may just want to learn how to bring the conversation into their every day lives; others may actively create spaces in their own homes for people to engage via movie nights etc and others may choose to do more public events such as an art show or street stalls of a public forum.

re kids - We currently actually advise people not to bring children - our goal is to create spaces where people can come face to face with the reality of climate change and process it, then work out what they want to do about it. We feel it is important that we create these safe spaces for this type of engagement. We don't feel it is appropriate content for children and we also want to create a space without distractions. However, the Communties for Change activities can be more kid friendly.



Petra Pocanic

Jun 14, 2016


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Hello Keasil,

Happy to see your proposal in the next phase.
Sorry for the late reply.
What would you like to know about Zepter gatherings? 
I like your idea of giving people space to find their own ways and testing what works within their communities, however, it might be very challenging. A kind of Toolkit could possibly be useful to spark the energy (or save the date :)) and give a format to the project.

Good luck!