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Angélica Lara P.r.

May 19, 2016


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I would like to know the actions that you propose for this project.

Best regards!

Michael Hayes

May 20, 2016


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Hello Angelica,

Sorry for the glitch. I'm working a number of proposals and at the end of the day I sometimes walk away from the work without tying up loose ends. I hope the added info better helps explain the proposal.

You may have noticed that this proposal has been, in essence, CCed to other MIT challenges. The below response to another Catalyst may help explain my thinking.

Hello!  I'm Parag Gupta, an MIT Climate CoLab Catalyst.  What a neat idea!  Am I missing something or is this proposal simply a resubmission for a proposal made for another competition?  What feedback from the MIT Climate CoLab competition are you looking to receive?

Thank you for being a Catalyst as we authors need all the feedback we can get.




Hello Parag,

The concept cuts across a number of MIT CoLab challenges. I do not mean to devalue to importance of any one challenge by submitting, in essence, the same proposal in a number of challenges. I've tried to indicate in the Summary of each submission how the proposal can address the individual MIT challenge. If it does in fact address the individual challenge need(s) and a number of challenges find this so, this would indicate that the concept may be worth paying attention to by those outside of MIT.

As to your question of what feedback I'm looking for, I'm interested in as much feedback that can be reasonable expected from this type of forum. On this particular cycle, however, I'm more interested in triggering the interest of the reader in supporting an action by both the EU and UN. The opportunity to move forward on a truly remarkable set of programs is in hand.

I ask this panel of judges to not feel as though I'm giving them short shift in CCing this proposal as I've spent a good deal of time writing the proposal with the view that it would need to meet not one but a multitude of demanding criteria.

That was not an easy mindless task:))

Thanks for the note Parag,