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"Energy Partner"- A model for Energy conservation, Resource management, Public awareness though Educational institution and young students.



India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. However, any change in the attitude or behavior can be brought to the masses, only if we hit the right target of this 65% of population.

India’s Higher Educational System is the third largest in the world, after China and the United States. Educational Institutions can play a very pivotal role in such a behavioral change of the people. The Proposal is about bringing the change in those educational institutions such as colleges, technical institutes and universities.

Sustainability is an emerging megatrend and is a measure of quality of life in a country. Further fueling this megatrend is required, through various innovations in efficiency, renewable power, resource productivity and pollution control. It is important to make sure that we have and will have in future, the water, materials and resources to protect health and environment and govern life on our planet.

Over the years, environmental issues have steadily encroached people health, and global warming has reached to unbearable state of human. We can no longer afford to ignore environment as a central factor in our long term survival on this planet.

Considering all the factors, We propose u the Idea of “Energy Partner” for sustainable development where knowledge and expertise meets experience to bring about awareness and offer turn-key solutions for pressing climatic issues.  

Energy Partner will hold the following responsibilities:-

· ake necessary steps in the field of Energy Conservation of target college/university.

· Form a Students Energy Club in the Institution and shall mentor and motivate students to bring about awareness and change in the society.

· Implementation of various models like Rain Water Harvesting, Solid Waste Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Solar Plants etc

What actions do you propose?

The Selected team of Energy Partner Shall be responsible for Energy Conservation, Energy Self Reliance, Resource Management, Waste Management and Energy Policy Making, Awareness Programs, and Technical Research in the field of Energy.

Energy Partner Program can largely be divided into 2 different set of teams as per their actions:

  1. The Energy Partners shall govern & administer the program and shall hold the ultimate decision taking power. The team shall take necessary actions in energy policy making of the target College, Energy Conservation, Resource Management Activities of the college and arrangement of funds for events.
  2. The second set is the Eco Club of target College and its activities. The Eco Club’s activities shall take place under the supervision and guidance of Energy Partners. The execution of the activities like Rallies, Street Plays, Theatre Plays, Cycle Rallies, Environmental Marathons, Awareness Programs shall be carried out by students and volunteers of Eco Club; who shall be responsible for the successful execution of such events.


Through all these cumulative activities we shall have an Expert Team from the Energy Field and also have students of the Eco Club who can come together on a single platform at a place where all such activities shall be recognized, appreciated and together will create awareness among the society and impress on them the importance of Climate and Environment.

The Structure of “Energy Partner” will be as follows:

1.   Government Representatives (1-3 members)

Employees or former employees of government bodies like Pollution Control Board (PCB), or a member of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, or from ministry of Environment and Forests will act as consultants to the group.They shall play the role of advisors and shall stand at the top in the hierarchy of Energy Partner. They shall play role in policy making, government subsidies and schemes and their adaptation for the initial target colleges.

2.   Businessmen(1-3 members)

Businessmen from energy field background who are willing to be a part of the team as an act of philanthropy. They shall use their contacts, skills and knowledge with regards to latest technology in the field of energy efficiency, renewable power, and resource productivity and pollution control. They shall motivate and guide students to take up new research projects or practical projects in this field providing them the right platform. They can also provide the in depth knowledge and project viability as per their business acumen and their experience in the field.

3.   College Representative(1-3 members)

College representative from the top management of the college shall look after the management of college related activities. He/she shall act as a Resource Manager and shall provide resources & meet the requirements of “Energy Partners”. CR shall act as a link between other Energy Partners, Institutions and students. Any new policy to be implemented or any event to be launched or any other permission and arrangements to be made shall be performed by him.

4.   Students(5-10 members)

Selection: All the three people mentioned above will go out and address students of the college and form an Energy Club of students. They shall select some enthusiastic students as the operating heads of the Energy Club and guide & motivate them to do different events.

Student Representatives shall be responsible for uniting other students and motivate them to volunteer and join Eco Club. They shall be responsible for reaching out to the masses though their awareness programs and execution of various events through Eco Club. SR is the most important entity of Energy Partner Program as they are the drivers of the programs. They will be the face of any event.

A descriptive video of current environmental problem and how "Energy Partner" aim to provide solutions    Link:

Energy Conserved is Energy Produced, effective ways and practical methods to conserve energy shall be implemented within the Educational Institution. For Energy Self-Reliance, non conventional sources of energy such as Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass Energy etc may be used within the Institution in such a way that the Institution becomes Energy Self reliant.

Through Resource Management such as rain water harvesting and other like models we shall implement and make it a model practice for young students to know and learn the different techniques in practical.

The Students Energy Club shall take on various awareness programs such Rallies, Street Plays, Inspirational and Informative Videos on how to save our environment and how to contribute at an individual level for a better environment. Various events in their own way shall encourage the students to indulge in and to take up as their field of research, various environmental related subjects and climate change.


A descriptive video of current environmental problem and how "Energy Partner" an initiative by Technoholix aim to provide solutions.

Who will take these actions?

The Idea behind Energy Partner Program is to form a consortium of Environmentalists, Conservationists, Nature-freaks on a single platform where they shall come up with brainstorm ideas and decide upon the best suited solutions for current climatic problems.

The key actors shall be from all spheres of Society.The team of Energy Partner shall consist of members from varied sectors so as to have a mix of knowledge, skill and experience.

1).Government Representatives will comprise employee from central or state government organizations/undertakings such as:

· Pollution Control Board

· Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB)

· Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

· or/and  a Member of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

· or/and from Ministry of Environment and Forests etc

These Officials would provide better insight into the existing problems and can also provide valuable suggestions and solutions. These members shall act as consultants to the Team.

2). Businessmen: They shall comprise of entrepreneurs in the field of new and renewable energy who carry out activities such as:

· Energy Audits.

· Manufacturers of energy efficient products.

· Wind/ Solar/ Biogas Plant Commissioning and Installation Company

· Environmental reporting.

3) College Representatives shall comprise any of the officials selected by the college authority who will hold a place in Energy Partner Committee.

4). Students: The biggest & most active contributors to the initiative. The most important role shall be of the students who shall organize and carry out the awareness programs successfully. The young game changers will pioneer the successful implementation and accomplishment of the whole program.

Some Other key actors to the program would be:

Other socio-informative platforms like the Media (Print & Digital) and Publication Houses shall also play a vital role through which our awareness programs would reach out to the masses through proactive promotional measures and right projection of the message to be spread.

Where will these actions be taken?

This proposal is primarily aimed to target Education Institutes all over India. However, India is a vast country and every region has its own environmental issues to be tackled. Every geographical location has different problems and different solutions to them. Hence we have decided to begin with the colleges in states of the country where the environmental & climatic conditions have taken a high toll and need to be tackled urgently.

For Ex- The state of Maharashtra is suffering from water scarcity and so 3 colleges would be chosen from Maharashtra. Similarly the state of Uttar Pradesh faces power shortage problem and so 3 colleges would be chosen from Uttar Pradesh & 2 colleges each from the states of Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab where no of students in each college are more and hence waste of energy and resource.

As we have picked different colleges with different problems and different possible solutions. In the beginning, our main motive would be to make these colleges energy self reliant and spreading awareness among general public and society. Once we are able to successfully implement the program in one college of a specific region, then same model and activities can be replicated in the various colleges of same state.

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

Through "Energy Partner" we will be able to reduce the carbon footprint and we could even apply Carbon Offsets where in organization will then pay to offset their carbon usage and hence will counter balance the emissions they produce to make themselves Carbon Neutral. 

It is difficult to quantify the reduction of emission through such a proposal but imagine an Energy Self-Reliant India in 2030, where all the Institutions have adopted the Model of Energy Partner, where each and every Institution is energy vigilant and self reliant.

Knowledge is really difficult to quantify. Knowledge to the solutions of the problems is what this project will provide to 65% of the population.

What are other key benefits?

The best way to change the behavior and attitude is to do so by inculcating the desired outcome as a habit, because then it becomes permanent.

Young and energetic population of the country are the best people to be taught the importance of climatic awareness and in a country where this section comprises of 65% of the total population, this is the obvious way.

Through these proposed actions we will be able to change the attitude and behavior of the people and also provide them the practical solutions on how to implement it.

This one model if replicated to all the institutions of India shall have a huge impact on the behavioral pattern of the people towards the sector of Energy self reliance, Resource Management and Waste Treatment.

What are the proposal’s costs?

The proposal has a variety of activities which are to be followed, not every activity is investment oriented.It is very hard to provide the estimates cost of the project as the scope of improvement and application of innovative projects is humongous.The cost may vary from college to college as the requirement needs and scope of improvement may vary.

The Estimated cost involved in the procedure of building Energy Partner is as follows:(We will have 3 people working together to in the formation of Energy partner)

 This will make a Total cost of 3,00,000 (INR) that is equivalent to 4615 $ (approx).

10 Such teams will work simultaneously in 10 different locations to expedite the process. and Hence the Total Cost for proposal is approx. 46150 USD. 

Time line

Short Term: For short term period, we shall try to bring all the Institutes in India to join this project and unite on a single platform to bring about the change altogether.

By 2030 we target to join and make every Institution to collaborate with us to make their own Channel Partner.

As of March 2016, India has 46 central universities, 345 state universities,123 deemed universities and 235 private universities. Other Institutions include 33,623 colleges of various courses with the yearly increase of 7-8% in the number of colleges. The task of reaching out to every college and to form various teams for each Institution is going to be our Short Term action plan.

We shall try to focus on a single model.  In the mean time, when it is done for a single Institution, the same can be replicated to all the Institutions.

For Medium Term, we shall plan to make Energy Partner as an essential entity of any Educational Institution right from its foundation, so that the environmental aspects are taken into consideration right at the point of inception of any college.

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