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POWERFUL GLOBAL SOLUTION - We have the technology, solid theory, & large body of studies demonstrating the veracity of this effect.




We are in an immediate world-wide emergency. 
Science denial is not an option at this point.

Do not leave it too late. 
This works


Three facts of modern research should not be denied by scientists anymore, and scientists constantly ignoring them is science-denial in itself:

1. Physics clearly shows quantum effects at a distance are real, not theoretical (Einstein's ‘spooky action at a distance’, also 'entanglement', others). It is well-established. Denying or ignoring it these days, is science-denial.
-- see my citations.

2. Physics clearly shows our consciousness (brain) is intrinsically integrated with nature, at the subtlest levels of physics. It is well-established.
-- see citations

3. Published research, time and time again, in strict peer-reviewed journals, clearly show, through robust methodology, an effect that was demonstrably not due to any other known factors. The research indisputably shows:
Groups of people trained in the TM-Sidhis - a powerful subtle-sonic technique - demonstrate effects at a distance -  peace, co-operation, ingenuity, coherence, evolution of society. Also, symbiosis with the laws of physics that structure all life on Earth.
-- see refs.

--- The human race is at risk because of science denial in the past ---

--- We don't have time for science-denial now ---

Therefore, the immediate testing of the theory that large groups of TM-Sidhas have a wide-spread effect, should be implemented by governments and influential individuals immediately. 


4. One other point:
As climate-change accelerates, there will be more instability in societies, so the studies on crime rates and on war mandate immediate creation of super-radiance groups of 10,000 people on each continent, trained in Maharishi's TM-Sidhis, to mitigate the instability in society that could come. Such groups also have the side-effect of nature responding to heal itself (ie. ourselves), and that symbiosis between the human brain and nature can be easily tested.

What actions do you propose?

To understand this proposal, first you will need to educate people in the following well established scientific concepts, in order to understand the research references in my proposal:


Nothing else, no other proposal, can flourish, because the following statements from nearly 100 years ago, and from physicists today, show us actually how the world works. Therefore, a method that utilizes this fact, is needed to underpin and propagate other viable proposals worldwide. Without this easily created effect, great proposals and new ideas could flounder and drown in the incoherent, entropic state of society today:

Through science, we have been aware of the reality for over 100 years, but dismissal and even denial have been the hallmarks of our social responses to it.

Max Planck, one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century: 
   "" I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.""  --  As quoted in The Observer (25 January 1931)

There are many other examples, too many to post here: 
Roger Penrose, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, and Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College. used the term "Quantum Consciousness" to refer to this 'non-classical' interaction, in which human thought is inter-dependent with the quantum field, one of the now very established properties of which, is action ('faster' than the speed of light) at a distance. What Einstein termed "Spooky Action" in physics.
If people here are uncomfortable with the term 'consciousness' regarding matter, then there are MIT scientists (and others) saying consciousness is a state of matter.
But for our purposes, that is mostly a case of semantics. The concepts are ultimately the same. All matter is ultimately impulses and perturbations, reverberations, in fundamental fields (or oceans) of energy/qualities. The two qualities, matter and consciousness, are integrated at the most fundamental levels of the brain and the environment.

Max Tegmark of MIT, in his recent paper, “Consciousness as a State of Matter”, Tegmark outlines how consciousness can be understood as a state of matter, which he describes as “the most general substance that feels subjectively self-aware.”
Cited from article --
Paper: "Consciousness as a State of Matter", 2015, Tegmark -->

All matter is ultimately fields (or oceans) of energy/qualities. A particle and a thought, are just fuzzy-edged (unbounded) vortexes in an unbounded ocean of spacetime.

This article in Scientific American, (Dec. 2015), called "New Physics Questions the Very Nature of Reality",  gives a good summary of the field nature of matter and mind (which is the brain - ie. matter). You have to buy it to read it, but in the article it is stated:

""..the field interpretation, stretches our conventional notions of “particle” and “field” to such an extent that ever more people think the world might be made of something else entirely.""

""(Some philosophers of physics) suggest that the most basic constituents of the material world are intangible entities such as relations or properties. One particularly radical idea is that everything can be reduced to intangibles alone, without any reference to individual things. It is a counter-intuitive and revolutionary idea, but some argue that physics is forcing it on us.""

 "... you can construct a perfectly valid theory by positing the existence of specific relations without additionally assuming individual things. So proponents of ontic structural realism say we might as well dispense with things, and assume that the world is made of structures, or nets of relations."

'Entanglement Theory' and 'Quantum Teleportation' experiments, in which all the properties of a particle are transmitted instantaneously over a distance (there being nothing other than properties/qualities in any particle)  - these experiments alone, are proving that the universe is foundationally abstract data/information/knowledge. 

However, despite this, and many many more examples in physics, many scientists (and climate-scientists) will ignore and dismiss the new physics of the last 100 years, like science-deniers do, and that is why we are in the mess we are in on this planet.


The most important body of research - 100s of peer-reviewed studies - are being ignored.
You need to apply the widely scientifically validated radiative (effects at a distance) of the TM-Sidhis, which is not meditation, but is a force of nature. The "super-radiance effect", an advanced sonic technology, gleaned from nature itself. 

The classical physics model that climate-scientists and educated lay-people are clinging to, is an inaccurate, superficial model of how nature functions. It is outdated and archaic. 

IMPORTANT CONCEPT -- A TINY percentage of the global human population, can change everything. A group of 10,000 people practicing the TM-Sidhis. on every continent, and you turn everything around. It is simple physics. Read numbers 1 - 3 below carefully please ​(under "What are other key benefits?"). 

Over 350 published studies in over a hundred respected scientific journals around the world,  over 40 years, are indisputable proof of the following: Only evolution of the human brain & body, through the widely scientifically verified technology of consciousness & environment - Maharishi's TM-Sidhis - is going to make any difference to us in the coming planetary changes.

Science (physics and logic) shows that those changes in your brain, seen in EEG brainwaves during Transcendental Meditation (ie. coherent, alert but calm, unified brain-functioning, fully awakened powerful consciousness), become normalized outside of TM, and do not stop at your skin. They propagate into society, the more people, the more exponential the powerfully positive environmental effect. It is simple, but powerful physics.

Nothing else will work. And it is very easy, quick, effortless, and blissful.
The science is very well established, poignant to modern scientific understanding, and abundant. This is science, not belief in a concept. I think belief is a very dangerous thing, and many people dismiss this science below, saying "I do not believe it."
In a scientific era, that is the most dangerous way of thinking, and a threat to the future of humanity.

Science is our only hope, and to dismiss it is a global tragedy.

See References below:
Read the links below, check the journal references. 
Over 350 research studies published in respected peer-reviewed journals around the world, the most important body of science ever accumulated, show that humans are not living at optimum state, but that a simple, ancient method can re-establish the innate higher level of human evolution.

Other methods do not remotely show these transformative effects for brain, body, and society at large: 

Over 50 peer-reviewed studies on the only viable PEACE CREATING TECHNOLOGY that literally nourishes nature and heals imbalance in nature at large: These techniques are taught by non-profit organizations, and require specific and personal instruction by a highly trained expert, most of whom are Masters of this knowledge. and highly advanced Yogis themselves - TM Teachers.

IMPORTANT: Please note, this field effect (societal) reconnects all humans with nature, and the environment responds in kind, exponentially. The environment and the human brain are symbiotically connected at the most subtle, powerful, levels of physics. Re-balance occurs at all levels of society and in nature itself. This field-effect, dissolves stress in collective consciousness, allowing the natural harmony and creative-intelligence of the people to flourish, so most of the studies are on crime and war, but the effects extend very powerfully to the whole of nature. It is a complete misconception to think that positive effects at a distance on society (the brain), as shown in these studies, are not effects on nature. Our brains are nature. Nothing more. All pollution is nothing other than the outward expression of worldwide collective stress in the human  brain.  
All stress ... pollution are dissolved.

Journal references are listed.--->

Journals - summary: (click list of topics under "Benefits to Society" at the bottom to see examples of peer-reviewed published research.) 

The TM-Sidhis are from the ancient tradition the goes back into the mists of time, and are not a meditation technique, but are a force of nature. An inherent force of Nature itself. That's why it works. It is not man-made, but a natural cognition by the ancient peoples.

The Catch 22:

Finally:  You can't implement intelligent solutions worldwide without first creating coherence in collective consciousness at the level of the brain that is integrated with the deepest level of nature. The incoherence in the brains of the people and politicians will forever disallow good technological solutions to be implemented worldwide in a coherent fashion. 
It is impossible to get around incoherence in the human species, We are currently living at a sub-human level. The large body of research I present in my references here, are absolute proof that the human brain, body, and behavior, has been at a higher level in the past. The reason we are in danger on this planet is because we are not functioning at optimal level - as individuals, or as society. That is why the research shows how quickly the brain and body switch back to that scientifically well-recognized, higher level functioning of brain and body, with the "re-boot" techniques of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and the TM Sidhis.

It is easy to evolve, but not by politicians, social media, or scientists, who even disagree on the best technologies. We can reverse climate change, but not in this world-wide sub-human state of brain functioning.

Groups of TM-Sidhas will change all that.

Here, in this proposal, intelligent people and scientists can start to explore this much higher level of science and knowledge. 
We are going to do it. We are going to turn it all around and reverse climate change completely.

--- Tommy Barlow, MA-SCI, MFA, MA-Teaching.

Who will take these actions?

MIT, Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and all the other universities, by coming out to promote the well established theoretical basis, and published science in this proposal, bringing it to the attention of the politicians and influential people.
A group of 10,000 TM-Sidhas in California for example (but could be in the mid-west - action at a distance - radiative effect), with some input from me and others on how to do that, could easily and quickly demonstrate this theory. It takes between 2-4 months to teach anyone the specialized subtle-sonic methods, and anyone can learn them easily -- civilians who need a job, interested individuals, military personnel, etc., but effects will start to be documented by independent experts within weeks of the training beginning. the greatest effects will be seen towards the end of the training. The effects will be immediate and concrete. I cannot emphasize that enough. You will see it, and it will be obvious very quickly to all expert observers. 

Where will these actions be taken?

Any country with some resources and stable environment can create a group of 10,000 TM-Sidhas quickly. 
Israel for example could do it, and the effects would be seen in both the adjacent wars and in the response of nature to this nourishing effect that is emanating from the group. Nature will respond 1000-fold in kind because we are not, and never will be, in any way separate from the whole of nature. We are direct reflections of nature's structures and complex inter-actions, and because of that, a symbiosis and resonance is natural, inevitable, and immediate.
But, it could be in America, Canada, Europe, China, Russia, India. It is comparatively cheap to implement and test, and by far the most powerful agent of change, because it's effects are in the most subtle levels of physics, field effects at a distance, the Unified Field and quantum field. the basis of all activity in nature. It is just a re-booting of the subtle interactions and influences in nature from the most subtle and powerful levels of nature, that are completely accessible in the human brain and body.

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

Without coherence in the brains (EEG) of the people, then the best technologies, innovations will be hampered. We won't make it. Our best methods and ideas will be drowned out by the incoherence of society.

With this effect, the most useful/effective ideas will rise, the communal ingenuity of the people will flourish and quickly create ways to mitigate and reverse climate-change.

Finally: This powerful field effect radiates out into nature itself, a re-balancing in nature takes place, now that the incoherence in the underlying fields has been dissolved. Yes, nature will respond, and will re-balance in a life-nourishing way, ecosystems will recover, creating even more positive feedback loops that nourish all the life-supporting aspects of nature.

We already know from ecosystem research that nature rebounds exponentially faster than scientists expected. Nature, and the whole Earth, will rebound in ways scientists cannot even predict yet. Recovery world-wide will be swift and exponential.

What are other key benefits?

Shown time and time again in widely published research:

1. For Human Society: With only a tiny percentage of the population - impeding stress & tension in society, at the most fundamental levels of physics and life, are dissolved, allowing the full potential of the greater population to flourish. Co-operation, creativity, communal ingenuity flourish.

2. For the World:
Nature & the environment will respond in-kind, 1000-fold, and recover her balance.

At the subtlest levels of physics & bio-physics we are powerfully integrated into nature's larger functioning. We are not separate from all of that. That would be a basic misconception, and scientifically false.
Our interface: The fundamental fields, the Unified Field in physics, symbiotically integrated into our own bio-physics.

3. For individual evolution: Creates the well-known biological, neurological, and psychological objective markers of individual peace, health, inner strength, creativity, intelligence, and bliss in the individual.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Government, industry, philanthropists, and wealthy farmers can support this.

The cost is tiny compared to the dangers and cost of global-warming we are facing, and creates very fast and massive changes, with relative simplicity of implementation.

The cost is for 2-3 months training (TM-Sidhis are taught by a non-profit organization)ongoing comfortable housing and facilities for the TM-Sidhasrefectoriescookscleaners, transport, etc. 

A few million dollars could test the theory in let's say, California, or the drought-stricken South-West, although effects at a distance will be seen from a (larger) group in the Mid-West, U.S.A., where some of the facilities already exist, making the project much cheaper.

1/4 - 1/2 billion dollars to immediately test the theory for the continent or the world

However, in countries like India or Brazil, where a Euro or dollar goes further, it would be cheaper, and the effects of 10,000 TM-Sidhas, would still be measured worldwide. (And India has this tradition.) But it is better to have at least one group of 10,000 TM-Sidhas in both East and West, the radiative effects having a center, from which they propagate out, like any waves. 

The results of a group of 10,000 TM-Sidhas will be seen worldwide within 3-4 months of the training beginning. Tangible, scientifically verifiable, objectively self-evident, solid, powerful, all-encompassing, immediate.

Money spent on other projects will not work unless this effect that evolves human consciousness back to it's (higher) default state is in place. All great ideas and technologies will have a hard time taking off, or will flounder in the entropic and extremely expensive environment of the abrupt climate change we are facing.

Time line

Once the project begins and personnel are hired (eg. military personnel, students, viable job seekers), it takes 2-3 months training (TM-Sidhis are taught by a non-profit organization)ongoing comfortable housing, and facilities for trained expertsrefectoriescookscleanerstransport, etc. 
If you have 3,000 TM-Sidhas in California for example, you can see the positive effects in that region within 6 months, and the positive feedback loops within nature and ecosystems will start to rebound immediately. Effects will be immediate, self-evident, surprising, and scientifically verifiable within 6 months of training beginning.

With 10,000 trained you will start to see the effects worldwide, within 6 months of training beginning.

It sounds impossible to most ears, but it is real, and it is our only hope.

Nothing else will work, because entropy has captured the human brain, ie. collective consciousness. 

Reset world consciousness in this easy, automatic way, with only 10,000 TM-Sidhas, creating the effect to free the collective ingenuity of the people to solve problems, and for nature herself to respond 1000-fold in-kind. 

Human evolution is real, and it is available right now.

We are going to do it. We are going to turn it all around and reverse climate change completely.

Related proposals


Please take the time to study these carefully.

These are from top peer-reviewed scientific and research journals around the world, highly respected, anyone can check the references, it is just easier to post these links from these non-profit organizations:

IMPORTANT: Please note, this field effect (societal) easily reconnects all humans with nature, and the environment responds in kind, exponentially. The environment and the human brain are symbiotically connected at the most subtle, powerful, levels of physics. Re-balance occurs at all levels of society and in nature itself. This field-effect, dissolves stress in collective consciousness, allowing the natural harmony and creative-intelligence of the people to flourish, so most of the studies are on crime and war, but the effects extend very powerfully to the whole of nature. It is a complete misconception to think that positive effects at a distance in society are not effects on nature. Our brains are nature. Nothing more. All pollution is nothing other than the outward expression of worldwide collective stress in the human brain.  

Journal references are listed.--->

Research on Transcendental Meditation and the advanced TM-Sidhis, clearly demonstrate that the human brain, body, and society, have been in a higher state of evolution (its default state) in the past, and therefore the switch back to that level for brain, body, and society is very easy with the properly trained teachers.

Scientific Journals - summary:
(click list of topics to see examples of peer-reviewed published research - "Benefits to Society" at the bottom are specific to this proposal.) 
Journal references are listed.--->