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Human activity simulation in buildings towns economy according the position of sun. A map of particular activity influencing weather forecat



We live according to clock which shows the time of the time zone. All public buildings have work hours which are based on the time of time zone. Our bodies and things take direction of buildings streets roads. We should create a software which turns the map as though the direction of wall of the building was the axis of the map. Building goes round the earth. Till midday the distance between building and the sun shortens and after midday the distance increases. This changes the length of the rays of the sun. We should create a map where astronomical noon is shown for each building. So when we make a connection with the other person via mobile phone or computer we know astronomical time of his/her location and the direction of the building he/she is. Then we can better adjust our viewpoints and our decisions will create less waves. Also when we look at the weather forecast the software would turn the map and forecast according to the direction of the building the weather forecast is open in. So we can put together weather forecast activity in the building activity in the town and the economy. Every building has its own plan of the premises. Every town has streets buildings pipes electric wires etc. All different streams (people, money, things, cars, water, gas, electricity, waste water, waste, internet, radio waves) approaches the building and moves away from the building in the directions of pipes wires streets. By doing so we can adjust the path of supply of the electricity to the room from the power plant. We can also adjust the path of data through the internet devices. And then we can create a software which will simulate the activity needed in the place a person is to change the weather forecast for the planet. Buildings breathe through the doors and windows and create a whirlpool. Cars create waves in the air when they move in the direction of streets. So the traffic lights heat from the buildings create a whirlpool in the air which changes the weather.

What actions do you propose?

We should create software which simulates the link between the activity of people in buildings and towns and weather in the planet. Then the person will get an email or SMS which tells a person what action he needs to make to change the waves in the economy. We need to make life of the public workers open for software simulating the weather on the planet.

Who will take these actions?

This would apply to all workers in the public sector. Every person begins his day by waking from the bed in the morning going to bathroom eating breakfast at the table and moving out of the building. This creates the initial whirlpool of his activity of collecting impressions. His bed has a place and the direction in his flat or house. Every flat or house or building has its own labyrinth. Workers in the public sector are disciplined. They obey the rules of the organization and have their place and routine in the labyrinth of the building they work in. They live according to working hours and have strict working days in a week. We should create a map of activity for each public worker and a software simulating activity in the public buildings as well as premises where such workers sleep. Every worker ends his activity by going to bathroom and going to sleep in bed. So each public worker should declare his own map of routine activity and sleep. Then the software simulating the climate activity will combine all activities of all public workers in the world and will arrange the needed activities in the premises of the public buildings so the whirlpool in the mind of the public worker i. e. the situation he imagines will calm all activities on the planet. He will see the activities on the planet contribute to climate mitigation.

Where will these actions be taken?

this will occur globally

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

We act according to our thoughts and desires. By implementing the project there will be less desires and less mistakes. This will reduce waste created from mistakes of public workers.

What are other key benefits?

People will start paying their attention to the rotation of the planet and their position on earth and according to sun. Then they would better understand the person and the situation and will take better decisions for the planet.

What are the proposal’s costs?

To crate such software would cost several tens of millions. The negative side effects will be complaint that this will infringe the privacy of public workers.

Time line

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