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Join the FIGHT for survival. «First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one» -- Will McAvoy -- Say goodbye to Denial!




The GOP poses a tremendous threat to meaningful action. The upcoming election will be catastrophic if Climate Change is not recognized as the problem it truly is.

Create an explosion of human interest leading to a decisive conclusion to the Anthropogenic Global Warming Debate.

  1. Use crowd funding (jobs act), and media marketing to bring a civil suit (virtual) against fossil fuel companies.
  2. Generate a viral campaign to raise funding and enlist a nucleus of bright Legal minds to arose the interest of the Global community to fight for justice. Stop this seemingly mindless neglect of the overwhelming evidence.


Two aspects of ingenuity will be sought. One; to create a viral formula which could be activated at will. The second; to orchestrate a legal format (the current one is failing) which has a simple clarity and absolute regard for fairness and justice.

THESIS; Once 'Cause' has been determined (without any reasonable doubt) the fight to overcome the inertia of denial will be won. Many argue this debate is over. Then why are we still going the wrong way?

The final verdict, though significant, is not nearly as important as 'Overcoming the Inertia of Denial'. Once 'cause' has been rationally concluded the job of turning the global economy toward an abundant and healthy future will transform from uphill to one with 'downhill' momentum. 

The reference; Jonathan Harr's 'A Civil Action' exquisitely documents our failed legal system as well as its reasonable premise; that  'cause' must first be proven.  A Civil Action - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What actions do you propose?


At least 40 years have passed since the warnings of Climate Change have been widely recognized. Had we followed President Carter's initial conservation programs, it has been projected that the world would have been transformed today into one which is under 350ppm and well equipped with affordable and highly functional clean energy.

So why are we in this fix? Political polarity and moneyed interests have kept the general populace from unifying in our own best interests. The Children's Trust, is bringing lawsuits and is in a slow-crawl to prove the Government has a fundamental duty to uphold the 'Public Trust' and protect the environment from AGW.

Drastic measures are urgently needed in order to prevent what are most probably, catastrophic consequences.

Given the global access through the internet and an accompanying awareness of perhaps billions, there is an opportunity through ingenuity and cunning to create a Manhattan like 'Gadget'. Properly directed this could raise the funding to engage an Army of lawyers, fight the Big Moneyed interests and get the US Government to take the necessary actions to uphold the Public Trust.

- Which companies would be included in the action? Fossil Fuel

- How much money would the lawsuit seek? $100/ton CO2

- How would the money be used? Survival

This project is predicated on the simple fact that public opinion remains in  enough doubt to keep us from acting sufficiently. The Inertia of Denial has to be broken. By bringing this to expedited Trial through shear force of viral funding and public interest, a fierce fight of ideas and science would conclude the Debate over the 'Cause' and dangers. Properly presented, everyone, even Deniers would contribute to this. Perhaps our greatest relief and victory would be a conclusion that it is not a crisis and is not caused by us. Who doesn't want to see this debate brought to a reasonable conclusion? Short of a revolution the most reasonable forum for this fight is in a Courtroom in a Civil Action. (Without adequate time, we need to become inventive with both the tools of the internet and the Law.)

In Exxon Mobil's own Reports (below)  their legal teams must have 'made the case' that they will lose the debate over the true 'Costs' of fossil fuels as they are estimating it to be $80 per ton of CO2. Extrapolating this to projections of a limit of 500 gigatons to maintain a rise below 2 degrees C, that's $40Trillion. So if we were to say they have already fined themselves, they are simply waiting for our lawyers to collect.......a seemingly attractive incentive for our legal Team.

ExxonMobil Admits Climate Change Is Real. It also Imposes an Internal Cost on Carbon. Still Not Enough to Get Any Love From the Greens (Interesting Reading, Though)

Who will take these actions?

In order to expedite the process I will implement the skills of coordination common to an architect, to act as Project Manager through the Professional Corp. currently under my Ownership. Numerous IT group leaders will command a network of internet and data whizzes. Legal Teams will form as the principles develop and individual legal champions will number in the hundreds, perhaps thousands. 


If the Project becomes a film Production or any other type of promotional medium, Writers, Marketers, Actors, etc. might be utilized. All avenues are open, in order to shake-out the best possibilities.

The components of a successful mission will evolve quickly and we will adapt as needed to present the best possible outcome.

Where will these actions be taken?

Actions will be Global, headquartered in the U.S.

Imagine a media Production like 'American Idol' in which a Trial is held on Television and the Internet. It's goal is to satisfy the thirst for a feisty Debate. A thirst either current or built here, by both sides.

Our Audience can be Global because of the permeance of the Internet. Most activities will likely be in metro media centers. Actions are intended to infiltrate every walk of life.

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

With the exception of Population and GDP, the Key assumptions for all remaining categories of GHG emission reductions are given their highest possible level as a result of RECOGNITION of the problem. This is deemed reasonable because once the problem is seen, without doubt or resistance, the forces of public will will move quickly to the highest degree possible.

In fact, most of the reductions could be greater. The impact tab using Enroads model shows a reduction of 80% by 2050. With recognition of the problem, it is within reason the emission reductions would reach 100% sooner.

As long as the US continues its Political masquerade of one side saying the Debate is over and the other side Denying its existence, all of the work (not to be disparaged or under appreciated) is now, insufficient. 

The Impact of emissions reduction will never reach the necessary levels until critical mass of Consensus is gained. Once the Debate is truly held and completed the transcendent ACTIONS will occur.

What are other key benefits?

Once the inertia of Denial is overcome in the US, the rest of World will follow. The US has lost respect from the Global Community as a result of its aggressive, ill-conceived efforts around the world, i.e. the Middle East Conflicts and AGW Denial. Its Denial of responsibility and action regarding the overwhelming consensus of the Scientific community has brought disrespect from those who see the enormous risks we all are taking with our health and the health of the Planet.

By taking up the task of a full-scale Courtroom Debate (presumably any Case would first dictate the need to find 'Cause') our Project would bring worldwide support thru crowd-funding. The entire Globe would be eternally grateful to the US for standing up to its responsibility. 

We have waited far too long to act appropriately. It may be too late but forgiveness will not shed its grace if we continue as is.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Three 'Launch Stages' are anticipated;

  1. Major Donor(s) 250K.
  2. To design/assemble an Internet launch for fundraising (Crowdfunding). Costs for this are to assure a platform and marketing scheme which has a high probability of going 'Viral'. Rather than seeking large contributions, the goal is to actuate enormous interest, perhaps as many as 1B global citizens, with contributions limited to 1 dollar each. The magnitude and importance of the interest exceeds the need for financing......though this could reach $1B if the Plan is properly conceived and launched.
  3. With success of Stage Two it is presumed that enormous interest and awareness has been placed into focus. This, in itself, would register on a seismic level. The Launch of Stage Three is predicated upon fulfilling the promise of the Second; To truly fulfill a highly  bonafide, credible, virtually irrefutable conclusion/Judgment in a Venue of highest esteem. A Courtroom is presumed, as Rule-of-Law has no better in the history of mankind.


Time line

  1. Seek out primary Sponsors in order to fund the Global Crowd-funding strategy.
  2. The second stage of the project will need ingenious data and social media experts. A viral program is essential to the success of what is hoped to be a billion donors of 1 dollar/person.

    By gathering a huge following, we gain both public support and participation. The excitement over such a huge fight in a civil medium has the potential to deliver the critical mass necessary to generate the energy needed to break the inertia of Denial.

     'Finding Cause' will essentially overcome the inertia of denial. Thus, it sets in motion the more appropriate, massive actions necessary. The Defendants, major FF companies, would be made accountable for past, present and future damages. 

 3.  The 3rd stage will be the Legal Fight. 'A Civil Action'

By gathering a huge following, we gain both public support and participation. The excitement over such a huge fight in a civil medium has the potential to deliver the critical mass necessary to generate the energy needed to break the inertia of Denial.

This project needs to be completed before the next Election...The next President cannot be a Denier!

  • Stage One; 1-month
  • Stage Two; 1-month*
  • Stage Three; 3-months*

* Emergency 'legal-ingenuity' required to change Judicial protocols

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Make Climate A Top Priority for Action by Every US Citizen and Organization

There are an additional 20-linkages via the link to the Proposal above.

The case of the Tobacco Companies in Jon Oliver's sketch (Linked below) is used to show the lack of social responsibility that some large Corporations seem to possess, for profit. It is an extremely good example of this as it relates to the problem of Climate Change Denial and how it keeps us from appropriate action.


 'A Civil Action' by Jonathan Harr

Checkout James Hansen's 'Golden Opportunity' and compare it with Charles Krauthammer's "Tax gas - a lot". It would transform the world's fossil fuel addiction and create millions of jobs leading to the well-being of people and the Planet.

A profound successful example of legal action is that of the Tobacco Industry. In a very short timespan, the problem has been hugely diminished. However, as an even more profound example of the recklessness of financial gain, the Tobacco Industry is making bigger profits than ever by exploiting the weaknesses of poor Countries. They are able to promote and distribute, bypassing warnings in a horrendous display of greed without conscience. 

See John Oliver's piece on "Last Week Tonight"

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO) - YouTube