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We need more effective and less costly government in order to balance the budget and deal with problems such as Climate change , youth education, etc

What actions do you propose?

We demand that government spending* be cut by 25% by reorganizing the departments intoSpecialty Service Groups to meet the challenges of the 21th century ----not the 20th century. Each group would have authority and accountability *  Medicare, Medicaid, social sec. handled separately.

a. Intelligence and counterterrorism group.  --prevents and responds to terrorist acts.

b. Peace building group.  --to keep the peace in and rebuild failing states. Joint effort with other countries.

c. Humanitarian Aid Group.  --Responds to disasters.

d. Energy and Environment Group. – for pollution control, climate change prevention, energy efficiency.    

 e.   Military Defense Group.  -- for direct military fighting when needed. Consolidate to one armed service.

f.  Diplomacy and foreign relations group

g.   law enforcement and justice group. – for federal non terrorist crimes.

h.  Treasury Group

i.  Health and human services group

j.  Jobs, commerce and trade group

k.  Education and national service group. ---Including a program of national service in exchange for advanced Education.

l.  Interior Group

Each group’s mission would be narrowly focused on a specific need. They could bring in the military in a supporting role, when necessary--- but would retain control. No mission creep. No dueling agendas. No outsourcing to contractors. No personnel revolving door.

Who will take these actions?

The president and congress

Where will these actions be taken?

The U.S.

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

What are other key benefits?

Would reduce the corruption inherent in allowing personnel to move between government and private industry.

would also end the in-fighting between Defense dept and CIA or State dept.---and end in-fighting between  four defense branches.

Would cut the overall size and influence of the Defense dept

Cut from 15 different intelligence groups to 1 or 2

One way to pay for "free" public advanced education is to offer it in exchange for 1 yr opf national service

What are the proposal’s costs?

Don't know. Must be done anyway. Savings would return a good ROI

Time line

Could create the new groups immediately and define  their  mission, responsibility and authority. Then move personnel around ASAP

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