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Deprogram populace from social engineering using Pythagorean Theorem, isocronic rhythms,& differential Hz to heal the planet from dis-ease



With a pending scholarship from, the intent of this proposal is to raise the vibrational frequencies of all life on this planet. The FibboNaki project is musical at heart, as we know within all societies, the cultural associations of music go much farther back than war. Our history is often our lyrics, even if they've been suppressed using divisive mechanisms of censorship. Voltaire once said "To learn who rules over you, simply find out whom you cannot criticize." 


The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia military industrialized complex we live in is corrupted beyond fathomability. I could explain this all here, but rather I will cite the following credible sources that will allow you, dear reader, to come to your own conclusions. 

See References

I bet that was a lot of information to put out there all at once. However, we must come to terms with the fact that nearly all crises in 2016 are engineered. The world is ran by false institutions of power under a veil of "official" legitimacy. Did you ever wonder in academia that you can only cite sources deemed credible via the controlled major mass media? The "controllers" own those outlets and they serve as the mouthpiece of carefully placed propaganda to serve their clandestine, ulterior motives. 


There is no possible way, even on CoLab, that I am the only person who feels this way.

Category of the action

Changing public perceptions on climate change

What actions do you propose?

The formulation of The FibboNaki Project will occur based on user interests and will resonate though every single type of music possible. I plan to tend to the fields of good music, as there are great songs in every genre. My background is more in punk, metal, alternative, rhythm and blues, soul, and various sects of both hip-hop and electronic mediums. I recommend that prospective members/collaborators/artists go towww.13moon.comto align their birthdate with the 13:20 Mayan calendar, discover their galactic signature, and find their tribe. 

transition here:

Members of this team must also go through their own self-guided deprograming if they haven't done so already. A great resource can be found in Cameron Day's work atwww.ascensionhelp.comas his journey has been lifelong, as are all ours. I put special emphasis on the self-guided aspect because the truth is more diffuse to be told, it has be learned then known. I don't mind explaining it all, but I'd rather pen it on sheet music.


As far as primary organizational structure, 

The First Earth Battalion proposal is a good start. However, in my shamanistic background, I would like to make some edits to not adopt the use of any synthetically created medicine. Nature is far smarter than we have been led to believe, so perhaps we should take notice as to what she provides. 


Once we get a momentum of artists, working in concert with the vibration of the Earth, we have a real shot at purging our planet of what we no longer need in this ascent. Corruption on every level has to completely end as we've seen the disastrous implications of psychopaths in power. We might be labeled crazy for feeling the way we do about this but I take it as a compliment. 


The tour, once we've had the opportunity to share all our ideas, pen them in the recorded history of Earth, let the universe hear what we have accomplished, must be global. Perhaps we focus on the outlying regions of Earth where the governments at large are less corrupt and disassociated with the controlling forces that be.

We will need an open source platform to get this accomplished. No one knows better than artists, scientists, and star dust from all walks of life that time truly is art. Management structure will be based on voluntarist structures. This project is going to take diverse skill sets from dynamic backgrounds to be accomplished. We literally need every single sector represented here if we are to see the fruition of this project through.

Who will take these actions?



I would like to make suggestions of artists I feel are already in line with this project and hope that they would be happy to join:


I would like to make suggestions of artists I feel are already in line with this project and hope that they would be happy to join:


Rage Against The Machine,

NOW as I have come to realize: PROPHETS OF RAGE



Infected Rain,



System of a Down,


HED (P.E),

Cypress Hill,

Ice Cube,




Sex Pistols,


Henry Rollins,

Misfits, no explanation necessary

HIM, same as prior

Quentin Tarantino, are you kidding me?

Randy Blythe, director, multi-the-what

Lamb of God, ahem, IN LAK’ECH

Gojira, literally every song written, do not listen but absorb

Fear Factory, Burton is a willing volunteer for break-away civilization...

Strapping Young Lad: no man has ever rocked the friar tuck dreads so eloquently let alone retain members of prestigious Hispanic/Mestizo/Mesoamerican ethnomusicologist sects!!!

This list is nowhere near complete but should give a good start as to who to begin engaging to contact. (insert disenchanted frog face).

This list is nowhere near complete but should give a good start as to who to begin to contact. 


Where will these actions be taken?

At first, collaboration online to coordinate regional meetings linking artists with this proposal. Studios and garages across the world to begin our field work. We apply the principles of science to our music, all the while researching the truth. 


In the US, where I currently reside for the time being, I would seek representatives from different regions of Earth to collaborate on at least the awareness of the FibboNaki Project. With those networks combined, there will be many interested parties for the benefit of all humankind.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

If we can purge the planet of dangerous synthetically created necessities, all emissions tabs will show a gradual improvement over time. We first need the real datum, and having a team that can conduct this research as we tour is crucial to fomenting the foreseeable outcome.

What are other key benefits?

Vibrational frequencies and isocronic beats seriously have the capacity of not only connecting one to Source, but they unleash what Cameron Day calls "genius brain power." Everyone deserves access to this and to say otherwise is entirely counterintuitive to our existence.  


What are the proposal’s costs?

If we utilize secure crypto-currency that isn't backed by usury in the transition phase, the greatest cost possible is losing this fight to the powers that be vile greed. The entire financial system we use is rigged. Therefore, a time based system, like Michael Tellinger’s, of the Ubuntu movement, is more preferred over physical monetization. People will be worth their actions, not their wallet. Vast amounts of socioeconomic disparity continue because of the mathematical calculations used to keep wage slavery alive.


I am sure that as readers, contributors, judges, and donors alike read this proposal, cost is inconsequential of The FibboNaki Projects true value. 

Time line

Even prior to review or judging, the pieces of our puzzle here are already falling into place. When we understand the concepts of systems based thinking and non-linear time, every moment has led to the one we are experiencing right now. With or without CoLab, the happening train doesn't have any brakes. This project will get off the ground if it is the last thing I ever do. 


We are all children of this planet, galactic brothers and sisters seeking to understand why we constantly look up to the sky in awe and solace. We are Source, encoded in our memories, our biology, we hold the secrets to the universe within our own super computer. 


I imagine though, as a Vernist, will take several years to accomplish what must be. However, the more exposure and support we get through social media, alternative media, and personal contacts will garner enough interest that anyone will not be able to look away. Once you know truth, you cannot be unknown. 


I only hope to solidify this project in time with the alignment of public support before the next socially engineered crisis(es) takes place. My theory is this: if it appears in the controlled mainstream mass media, it is likely a PSY/OP false flag event to create Stockholm Syndrome using the problem, reaction, solution mechanism.

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