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To save electricity with the help of students, teachers and parents.



For the service of nation and under the vision 2020 of Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam Manavdhan Samajik Shaikshnik Vikas Sanstha Nashik has run the various projects at school level. We are trying our level best to create a superpower in India as universal India likewise Make in India, Digital India. Being a part of that we are running a project of Save Electricity since 2009 so that contribute for Nation’s progress. Through project in Acadmic year 2014-15  Rs. 80,41,465.26/-(Eighty lakh forty one thousand four hundred sixty five) and 13,63,685 ( Thirteen lakh sixty three thousand six hundred Eighty five) units are saved. Per student yearly average saving units 878.66 and monthly average saving is 73.22 units that is our real data. This data keeping in our institute by collecting electricity  bills from each students, comparative data available in hands of each class coordinator (Teacher).It is donated as a service of Nation. The advantages of zero budget  save electricity  project are economic development, solution on loadsheding problem, to modrate use of natural resources & avoid pollutions.  

What actions do you propose?

Development of Nation Through Save Electricity


1.      Economical development

2.      Solution of load Shading problem

3.      To control natural resources (coal, water etc) & also beneficial for next generation.

4.      To control pollution.

1.      Economical development: In our Maharashtra state 1, 35000 schools and high schools are running today. Suppose every school and high school focused on save electricity. They can save minimum 1 Lakh Rs per month, from each school so we can save easily Rs. 1350/- Corers monthly. Then our annual saving is Rs. 16,200/- Corers. To make India as a super power, these economical factors are very useful.   

2.      Solution of Load shading Problem: We can divert save electricity units in rural area to solve the load shading problems.

3.      To control natural resources: Energy saving means energy generation. Through energy conservation we can control use of natural resources like water & coal etc. In kitchen ,we  always use pressure  for food making .Ultimately saving of water & coal for better future of next generation.

4.      To control pollution: Through this project of save electricity we can control pollution also people can enjoy eco-friendly life style.

Who will take these actions?

Students Staff as well as others and every institute, government sectors.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Future Steps for save electricity project –

1) We provided energy saver bulbs to teachers, students.

2) We spread awarness about solar energy.

3) Student try to generate energy via cycling and other instrument.

4) If possible, use CFL’s &LED’s in place of GLS bulb.

5) We spared awareness about maintences of old electric feeting and if needed we suggest to change it for stop


6) We spared awareness about building contraction, if we have selling roof it’s encores’ 50 c

     temperature in winter and decrease 100 c in summer, it’s control on fan, hitter and cooler.

7) We promote to use of Bio-gas and chargeable batteries for house electrical appliances in

     rural areas.

8) We arrange various seminars and workshops about awareness of energy conservation.

What are other key benefits?

1.      Economical development

2.      Solution of load Shading problem

3.      To control natural resources (coal, water etc) & also beneficial for next generation.

4.      To control pollution.

5.      A value & Nurture for ideal India, universal India in future.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Zero Budget. We used  human capital only on zero budget scheme

Time line

Student Contribution –

1) To save electricity all children in the family should study in the same room.

2) Turn off all electrical appliances while not in use .

3) We give guideline to students about how to run this project; For that we distribute  tips.

4) Whenever possible use sunlight while studying and playing.

5) We run T.V free campaign – as a part of  campaign we tried 1 hour minimum switch off T.V.

6) We give opportunity to students during assembly to expose their ideas about how they save electricity its promote other students.

7) We promote mostly use natural resources

8) Student and parents avoid decorations by using electricity and urge natural decorations.

9) Students did energy conservation serve.

Parents Contribution from Students inspiration –

1) Parents tried keep clean all electrical appliances.

2) Turn off main switch and all electric appliances while house closed.

3) Give the guideline to use ISI marks electrical equipments.

4) Turn off the Electrical Appliances & equipment when not in use .

5) For save electricity parents use traditional appliances.

6) Do not allow accumulation of ice in the refrigerator (The uses of refregiretor in proper ways)

7) We promote parents about use of solar energy also we give tips how and where we buy solar energy  products with government subsidies.

8) Decide the quantity of our electrical appliances and equipment on the number of members in our  family.

9) Air conditioners require 6 times more electricity than fans, so use fans instead of ACs

School’s and Teachers Contribution -

1) We give opportunity to students during assembly to expose their ideas about how they save electricity its promote other students.

2) We arrange various seminars and Lectures about awareness of energy conservation.

3) We appreciate ideal students and families by awarding them for their active support In this project.

4) We urge this value among parents ,students and society on occasion of parents meet, open house school.

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