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Create software wich simulates how activity of each person and building in campus affects the weather on the planet.



Every person is a wave. He has its own path throughout the day. The day begins waking up from the bed going to the bathroom putting on clothes. Then all events of the rest of the day have their own place direction and time. Create a simulation software with plans of all buildings with all the premises furniture pipes trash bins equipments wires antenas computers and corresponding software. Then activities happening in the premises at the whole campus at once with the astronomical time of the buildings. Create a map of each individuals activity in the buildings their premises and furniture. A person takes direction of the room and the furniture he sits or lies. Create a software which can rotate the map of the whole earth in the direction of furniture the person sits or lies down. Create a map of garbage collection route. Then we can simulate the waves the campus and all people in it create. Construct weather monitoring station in the campus which will connect weather with the activities in the campus. Then it would be possible to create software for creating instruction for activity of each student building and equipment. Every person will see how his activity influences the weather in the campus and in the planet. This would be possible to replicate to any vicinity for any person.

What actions do you propose?

every individual acts according to information he collects and impressions he carries on. Buildings and campus have their working and resting time. By adjusting time of the activities in the buildings we can create whirlpool  in the air which would push pollution to the places where trees grow at the time they inhale CO2. We can create software which tells each person what action to take now or at specific time to have impact on the weather in the campus.

Who will take these actions?

MIT staff would get instructions what action and when in what place should be taken. This needs to be started with garbage collection. Students will report all their activity time and places. Engineers who create software and hardware for climate simulation will create devices which monitors activity in the buildings and create and observe schedule of each person. Then government will create software which creates instructions for each public worker what action to take now or create a plan for future date and time to mitigate weather.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

We can avoid conflicts in the society by simulating activity and providing instructions via email or SMS.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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