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Pat Graczyk

May 2, 2016


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It is a very good list of recommendations based on the best practice from the Universities around the world. Have you considered which strategy would work in the short / long term? 

The proposal outlines good ideas and can act as a guideline for the MIT green department of actions that could be undertaken. What is 80% - 90% emissions reduction number based on? Which idea would you recommend to pursue further if you would need to choose one? 

Petra Pocanic

May 20, 2016


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Agree with pgraczyk that this is a good list of recommendations/actions that could be taken/implemented! (and could evolve or change over time).
I think it is a good point to think about the short-long term strategy and to make a roadmap accordingly (will help you with time management, human resources and costs). 

What came to my mind is a great project at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) co-designed through workshops by local residents and the POLIMI DESIS (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) research lab.
Coltivando Community Garden  aims to provide educational programs that support not only exploration and academic inquiry but also engage the local community in sustainable lifestyles. Could be an inspiration on how to make local residents participate in the MIT practices for sustainability which could have an even greater impact.

Keep up the good work and good luck with your proposal,



Coca Mary

Feb 23, 2020


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Great article. It helps a lot for my work. Thanks for sharing the effective and helpful ways.
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