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Gregory Cragg

Mar 9, 2016


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I am wondering, if I send you my proven solutions will you bring them to fruition, or offer me some cash IF I were to win. My proven solutions are not patented, and are worth hundreds of billions per year, every year! My solutions, three ways to capture most any buildings emissions, two ways to make very cheap energy from waste, two more can make energy from solar in the dark hours, these solar solutions may only offer 25% +/- more energy, as well I have ways to enhance how solar produces energy today. 

In the case of my three solutions to capture a building emissions, would save millions of lives globally per year from Radon Gas, the number two leading cause of Cancer in our world today "Indoor Pollution".

One solution to save as much as $1500.00 per year on energy costs for heating and cooling, for buildings. When the States offered energy saving products and money. I wrote to every mayor in the United States, they all said you would ruin our bottom line No Thanks! The solution is known and inexpensive, in fact over the years of savings the cost of doing so pays for itself.

I would like to hear from you?


Best regards,

Greg Cragg.

Annalyn Bachmann

Mar 16, 2016


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Hi Greg, 

Thank you for reaching out to us! Although your ideas sound fantastic, we cannot accept ideas submitted over the discussion board. We welcome you to submit a proposal to one of our 13 open contests. All of our open contests can be found here:

If you decide to submit a proposal, you could have the possibility to win prizes. The Judges’ and Popular Choice Winners will be invited to MIT to present their proposal, enter the Climate CoLab Winners Program and be eligible for the $10,000 Grand Prize. In addition to this, all Winners receive wide recognition from the Climate CoLab.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions!

Thank you, 

Annalyn Bachmann
Project Assistant with the Climate CoLab

Hassan Mohajer

Jun 25, 2016


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It is very simple.  Just by unleashing the related technologies which the oil companies will never allow it.