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Michael Hayes

Apr 8, 2016


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Hello Pianpian,

I'm highly impressed with the thought you have put into your proposal and I appreciate you bringing our attention to the PAS 2050:2011 Standard. I for one, was unaware of the standard and thus I do greatly appreciate the information.

A global standardized carbon footprint analysis method has been an issue I've worried about as there have been many different approaches to the subject. If the consumer is to fully support a CNC based increase in price they will likely want to know that the carbon footprint numbers are well supported and not just ruffly estimated or even falsified. 

Also, I can see how CNC can become a potent player in financially supporting carbon capture and sequestration development efforts as well as other climate change mitigation concepts. We need to launch many land and oceanic based mitigation efforts and each one will need significant funding. Many of the current concepts are much like typical green technology in that they require large up-front costs and a number of years until profits are established. This puts them outside of the typical funding frameworks.

Having a global green fund supported by consumers, such as CNC, would greatly help fill this need for long term focused investments.

Good luck, Pianpian.