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Augmented reality tags for Nike products, scan it to educate users about the climate change concern and complete a quiz to earn discount.



My concepts proposes for an augmented reality tags for shirts, shoes and other cloths. Scan it with smartphone with augmented reality app to get a 3D video on climate change and the impact of the material used for making that product on environment and encourage user to use materials with less environmental impact. After watching the 3D infotainment video the user gets to answer a simple quiz and if the user answers it correct then they get discount on the next purchase of a Nike low GHG impact product from a store near you.

What actions do you propose?


  1. Print the augmented reality enabled tag on Nike products.
  2. Augmented reality or VR smartphone app which educates people about the GHG impact of that cloth when the VR tag is scanned in an interactive manner.

Who will take these actions?

Nike innovation team and MIT Computer science lab. Alternatively freelancers can be hired to design and make the app for low cost which can be funded by MIT or Nike.

Where will these actions be taken?

All around the globe, since Nike is a global brand its products are sold around the globe.

What are other key benefits?


  1. To educate youth and children about climate change.
  2. To shift the users to materials with low green house gas impact.
  3. Bring more sales to Nike through low impact GHG discount business model, te user signs up in the app which will help Nike to know who uses their product and customer knowledge also a customer loyalty benefit for the customer.
  4. Reduce green house gas emissions.

What are the proposal’s costs?

  1. Cost for printing a tag on the product, the cost is almost negligable.
  2. App development cost - $2000


Time line

The solution can be developed on deployed in less than 6 months.

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