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When Mahatma Gandhi the father of Indian Nation first time traveled the length and breadth of India, he realized two important things; One, India was not a Country of few metro cities but rather a Country of 700,000 villages. Second, these 700,000 villages had illiterate people with no alternate occupation beside agriculture, which was heavily reliant on rains. Bapu’s fear was, that if we did not urgently provide these villages with an alternate occupation as large as Agriculture, it will in the near future create a massive occupational imbalance in the Country.

Thus he thought of Khadi (hand spun hand woven fabric), a cloth that even an 80 year old Illiterate lady in the villages could weave and earn her daily bread, as long as we the nationals across the country could wear it with pride and with a sense of responsibility. Bapu wanted to bind us all together through the fragile threads of hand spun hand woven Khadi. Sadly, that tool that led to our great victory in the freedom struggle was soon forgotten with the passing of Gandhi.

Today we are face to face with that massive occupational imbalance as well as ecological disturbance what Gandhi feared then.

Khadi is the solemn cotton fabric known to man from ages, a fabric that is created by the human touch and is akin to our skins that cools in summers and warms in winters and becomes softer and better with every wash. Khadi is the biggest occupational miracle that has the power to single handedly save the World’s unemployment woes.

What actions do you propose?

Setting up of Hand Spinning & Hand Weaving Centers at Village levels around the world. This activity set in the center around which all the village industries such as production of spices, honey, grains and pulses,jaggery and raw sugar, leather products,pottery, rural arts and crafts etc. can grow and prosper. Villages need to isolate from Cities to create their own economic and social independence. That will also make villages as centers to preserve all age old traditions which promote compassion and sense of sharing. The best co-operative movements like Dairy Revolution in India have started from village levels.

Who will take these actions?

From India, the Government Undertaking called "Khadi & Village Industries Comission" with headquarters in New Delhi and regional offices at State levels can provide all the basic input to start Khadi spinning and weaving as well as Designer Wear production centers.

Where will these actions be taken?

There has to be a global set up - may be through setting up of a Global Khadi & Khadi Designer Wear Foundation in India or China being the biggest Cotton producing countries.

What are other key benefits?

Khadi (hand spun hand woven) production will use only man power thus leading to least emissions of any kind and it will generate employment avenues on a huge scale that it could provide a basic employment to every idle hand till he finds an other occupation by acquiring any additional skill or education.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Once the global promotion takes place and people are motivated to go in for hand spun hand woven designer wears created from designer Khadi, all expenses would get shared.  This project could start the process of a Crowd Funding in which any one and every one could contribute and be a partner to share the profits.

Time line

The proposed action need to create a Global Crowd Fund to start the process and within a period of five years it could become a global phenomena under the Global Khadi Foundation.

Related proposals

Supporting our villages and country side of any Nation can preserve the age old traditions which were created to balance ecological systems. In my other proposal titled "Individual Water Harvesting Mantra" on Water I have tried to explain that this is what is needed to safeguard against droughts as well as floods.


Going on the site of Khadi & Village Industries Commission, lot of information will be available. The venture needs association of global textile engineers and designers to make it a globally accepted way to human prosperity and reducing all kind of pollution that electro-mechanical production processes generate.