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Utilize relationships with industry inflencers to build a social network enabling painless and economical access to alternative materials.



This proposal will continue to evolve (as one would expect from a CoLab project). 

The major barrier up until now for manufacturers to have access to many alternative materials has been cost. A material's "alternative" status often walks hand in hand with a lack of availability which drives up costs significantly. 

The AFMPPA intends to build out the framework for a simple, easy to use social network designed to connect hemp farmers, hemp plastic producers, and hemp processors ...aka The Source - with the designers and manufacturers who would like to use these materials.

We have established contact, and significant interest to collaborate from some of the most influential people and organizations in the hemp field (*no pun intended). Including Ryan Loflin of Rocky Mountain Hemp, Edgar Ham of Grow Hemp Colorado, Anndrea Hermann of the Hemp Industries Association, and Patrick Moore of the 2015 California Cannabis Hemp Initiative, to name a few. 

We aim to facilitate and assist these individuals and organizations in forming an easy access point for hemp based materials.

We are in position to unite these and other networks as the single largest North American hemp materials collective. 

By developing a simple, intuitive website, we will take all the guesswork out of the materials sourcing process. We understand that although these materials are now becoming much more available, there is little to no infrastructure to catalyze ease of access to them for designers. 

That's where we come in...

Nike's involvement is a huge opportunity, as they have already begun the shift to going 100% green.  If they were to officially participate, I am certain we could obtain very reasonable prices for quality, domestically grown and manufactured hemp materials, and inspire other large companies to come aboard, which in turn could drive demand for product, which will influence more folks to cultivate hemp, thus increasing the supply and growing the network simultaneously. 

What do you think?

What actions do you propose?

First, Visit,

Our compatriot Edgar Ham and his team at Grow Hemp Colorado have build the infrastructure already. 

We need to spread the word about this, via social media and via word of mouth to any hemp industry folks we can find, and get them to list their products and services here. 

Its the foundation for a worldwide hempnet.



Who will take these actions?

You, Us, Hemp Farmers, Hemp Product producers, hemp buyers etc.

Where will these actions be taken?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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