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Plants have their lifecycle. They influence weather on the planet. Create software which tells farmers what action to perform at their field



Plants have their life cycle which depends on the position of the sun and the phase of the moon. Plants enrich or exhaust the soil. Agriculture creates waves in the fields as well in the planet. Each sort of plant has its rhythm (getting into the seed and then to the soil, sprouting, growing, blossoming, ripening of fruits and getting back into the soil) which affects weather at the place it grows. The real time map shows tillage, fertilization, sowing, destruction of pests, herbs, irrigation, other human activity in the fields, collecting of crops, who bought, where it is kept and how it is distributed. All work is done either by machinery or by hands. The software shows the places where workers and owners of the land sleep and direction of head in the bed what type of equipment is used and where it is left unused. The software shows the fields and their boundaries what happens in real time according to suns position and moon phase. Machinery has GPS installed. Also the places and buildings where crops are kept are shown and when it is sold and the amount of currency is paid. Then this map is compared with the weather forecast and food distribution. Taste of humans and other animals connects all the history of the meal they eat, the place they go for the nature calls and pipes of sewage. Then we can calculate what kind of information where and when to give to a man. A man hearing or reading the information connects his breath with that place. Then the thoughts speech and activity which are triggered by consumed food will even the weather at the place of his activity the place the food is grown and the place sewage is processed.

What actions do you propose?

create a software where owners and workers will show boundaries of their fields and work places

create a map where the fields with crops are shown

create a map with the locations the seeds are produced

create a real time map where people will report their activities in the field. Show astronomical time and moon phase of a field.

Create a real time map where crops are kept and activity in these buildings.

Create a real time map which shows production and distribution of food.

Create a real time map which shows activity in catering establishments (canteens, restaurants etc.)

Combine these maps with weather forecast.

Then create a software which tells farmers what to grow and what actions to perform in their fields to mitigate weather on the planet.

Who will take these actions?

governments with collaboration with WMO will create such software. Farmers and owners will be obliged to report their activity in the fields and the places they sleep. Universities will create simulation software which will tell the farmers what action to take in their field to mitigate the climate.

Where will these actions be taken?

It will be implemented in the developed countries because they are more disciplined civilized and use mobile communication.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

We can then link food production people behavior and diseases.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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