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Integrated Watershed Management to be implemented at local level is the best option for climate smart catchment management



Integrated Watershed Management is the tool to implement the principles of Integrated Water Resources Management at sub-catchment level. It is promoted in East Africa and known under many other terms, but high professional implementation with holistic and inter-disciplinary approach is hardly conducted due to limited human capacity or governmental ignorance. 

The planned proposal is promoting Integrated Watershed Management at national,institutional, academic and local levels through demonstration of its value in selected living laboratories. Here all aspects for local and regional induced environmental change (that includes climate change), adaptation and mitigation measures will be addressed in the holistic concept of high participatory development of sub-catchment management plans with the local population and governments. Demonstration plots shall serve as "room for change" where impacts of the action can directly be observed and measured. Results shall be published through high media presence in order to reach wide range of people at different educational levels. 

What actions do you propose?

Activities shall range from:

  • Establishing "Living Laboratories"
  • Inter-disciplinary Capacity Building Seminars of topics for Integrated Watershed Management
  • Development of "Sub-catchment Management Plans"
  • Incorporating the national and local governments in the action
  • Assistance in implementation of Sub-catchment Management Plans
  • Development of Media Presence for documentation
  • Exchange of actions among the living laboratories
  • ...

Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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