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Levels of carbon CO2 & Cxyz in air drive climate change/heating/chaos & need 100% Renewable Energy+AbsorptiveWatersheds/Tools lower C levels



Rx: Climate Carbon to Renewable Green Growing Carbon Now 




Carbon levels of CO2 & Cxyz(log) in our air drive climate change/heating/chaos on earth causing hell on earth.


But carbon absorbed to green ecological systems through photosynthesis of living systems produces abundant riches to count + critical uncountable inalienable flows of by for lifting life up to light to grow heaven on earth instead:


Rx:  Lower climate carbon levels in our air to reduce risks of catastrophic climate 911/6th Extinction:

1) Reduce carbon emissions into air as CO2 & Cxyz(logabc) now

1a) leave the dinosaurs in the ground now

1b) shift now to100% Renewable Energy by 2050 +

2) Increase carbon absorption of CO2 and C(xyz)(Log(abc)) by photosynthesis/phytoremediation into green absorbent watersheds of by for activating dying aircycles O2 watercycles H2O rich organic topsoil green lifecycles healthy green absorbent native watersheds of deep roots +innovations to turn carbon as financial liability into financial assets instead+

3) Redefine "economics" as more than metal rates of stupid human cashflow floods that crush life on earth…


We need a more logical economy to count more than cash to hold our fragile web for all life intact, to

1) shift now from a fossilized brittle dying cracking $-driven deadly dead energy economy of by for counting mechanical rates of private cash of by for only one obvious now of only 1% crushing us…to

2) shift now to harvest free infinite 100% Renewable Energy by 2050,80% by 2030,100% doable to harvest free infinite supplies of wind/solar to lift all up now & generations from now,a positive Renewable Energy Economic Renaissance to lift all up instead+ 

3) plant grow protect Absorptive Green Growing Watersheds/Tools to convert climate C into terrestrial, green functional C for life instead,converting financial liabilitiy into financial asset instead to lower C levels in our climate to stop causing hell on earth,to grow heaven on earth instead.


What actions do you propose?


DIAGNOSIS:  Extinction of Life on Earth:  Cash-driven politics of a cash-driven fossil fuel industry is now causing a 6th extinction/ our Anthropocene on earth…..destruction of life on earth of by for privatized, blinding, deregulated, cost and risk-shifting, cash profiteering of by for a cash-driven fossil fuel industry of by for private bank accounts of only 1% ….at our expense… causing a 6th extinction/ Anthropocene crushing all futures on earth, a crime.


TX:  Remove cash-driven fossil fuel industry obstruction and forces to stop causing hell on earth…to slash carbon emissions and boost carbon absorption into absorbent, green watersheds… lower carbon levels on earth that have grown to dangerous, deadly levels in the last 2 decades… lower risks of catastrophic climate 911… grow heaven on earth instead: 


Tx1) Remove obstructionists of by for privatized cash-driven profiteering that have caused our Anthropocene with US.    

Tx2) Lower carbon emissions as CO2 and Cxyz(Logabc) that are causing dangerous, explosive climate carbon levels in our air on earth, causing higher levels of climate carbon as CO2 and Cxyz(Logabc), causing global heating and chaos, extinction on earth …. For the last 150 years, the last 35 years, especially in the last 2 decades….

Tx3) Shift immediately from carbon-based fuels to 100% Renewable Energy by 2050, 80% by 2030, 100% doable

Tx4) Convert impermeable, harsh surfaces to plant, grow, protect green, absorbent watersheds that grow the ability to absorb carbon as CO2 and Cxyz(Logabc) exponentially to reduce levels of climate carbon exponentially also…


Rx1:  Leave the dinosaurs in the ground at all costs…to stop causing hell on earth…


Rx2: Shift now from a cash-driven, fossilized dead energy economy of by for filling privatized bank accounts of by for only 1% with deadly cashflow floods that crush stop deadly carbon emissions sucking all down now…… and learn to value our nation’s abilities and will to function successfully as a whole, as a public, as a nation, a leader of nations of dignity and respect of by for life on earth….seeking civil government and negotiation before treachery, treason, tyranny of war for fossil fuels

Rx2a) carbon tax

Rx2b) taxes as a tool, financial incentives to shape a more positive and functional, efficient, rewarding public/private world of by for lifting all up to light enough to grow and produce positives of by for All 100% to share free from want and fear….such as a tax on cutting trees

Rx2c) vision and wisdom to produce more efficient and productive, healthy cities and public infrastructure foundations to produce positives as a whole, cell or self or nation or globe

Rx2d) reach far beyond the obvious to discover nature's amazing wonders enough to produce vision, wisdom, scientific literacy our leaders need to guide the many toward a safer future of by for All 100% to share...


Rx3:  Shift now to harvest free, infinite Renewable Energy such as solar/wind for 100% Renewable Energy by 2050, 80% RE by 2030, 100% Doable ( 2015) to lift all up instead….to turn a tailspin into a safer, more affordable, more positive future, a more productive and functional and uplifting Renewable Energy Economic Renaissance instead, 100% doable if the cash-driven fossil fuel industry would help their own children to transition to a Renewable Energy future now save their own future…or get out of the way…


Rx4:  Plant, grow, protect absorbent, green watersheds of photosynthetic phytoremediation to absorb climate carbon from our air enough to convert climate carbon as a financial liability/risk/cost into a financial asset/capital/natural capital/useable resource/profit/positive outcome for all instead….to convert dangerous carbon in our climate into photosynthetic leaves, wood, forests, orchards, fruits, gardens, vegetables and heaven on earth instead…to filter critical flows, to grow life, to produce critical flows cycles logic synergy productivity of by for life on earth enough to share freely free from want and fear…..enough to activate dying watersheds of dying life cycles, dying water cycles, dying air cycles enough to produce enough critical flows for life to consume enough to produce enough…to lift all up to light instead… and generations from now…to end the 6th extinction please.


Rx5: Reach far beyond the obvious of private/immediate/obvious/cashdriven/linear/flat/consumptive walls and barriers that blind us….to discover amazing wonders of nature far beyond the obvious…

Rx5a) Reach far beyond the obvious of blinding private worlds to discover amazing wonders of nature beyond our public infrastructure foundation conduits that we need to access safe affordable access to critical flows from nature’s productivity of safe, affordable, unobstructed critical but uncountable flows of O2 H2O topsoil green to grow food and shelter produced far beyond the obvious that nature carries into our cities for free

Rx5b) Reach far beyond the obvious to discover wonders of nature’s amazing productivity of living systems critical but uncounted, uncountable in human cash rates, critical living systems producing continuous, critical but uncountable flows of oxygen as O2, water as H2O, rich, organic topsoil to grow green and food to keep human cities alive day to day and minute to minute….to learn scientific literacy, empathy and caring for life, obvious or not, counted in cash or not




PROBLEM: Climate 911 Is Causing Our 6th Extinction/ Our Anthropocene on Earth, Climate 911 caused by a Cash-Driven Fossil Fuel Industry Carbon Emissions of the last 150 years of our Industrial Revolution, the last 35 years of Exxon’s and Exxon Etc. Inc. Crimes Against Humanity And Against Life On Earth, our Addictions to a Dying Cash-driven Fossil Fuel Economy and Sprawl, and our Virtual Illusions of cash-driven Totalitarian Comfort and Convenience At All Costs Blinding US….


COMPLICATION 1:  Cash-Driven Fossil Fuel Industries Limit Our Counts to Mechanical Rates of Privatized, Deregulating, Cost-shifting CEO Cash Bank Accounts of by for only 1% …at our expense, blinding US…crushing life on earth…


COMPLICATION 2:  $-Driven Fossil Fuel Industries and Fossil Fuel Representatives in my Pseudo-public US Congress are now blocking/obstructing/crushing critical public flows of critical public information and blocking critical flows of public resources such as public dollars….blocking/ obstructing efforts to keep human cities and life on earth alive….cash-driven criminals crushing life on earth instead…. to fill only privatized bank accounts of a cash-driven 1% at our expense, a crime.


COMPLICATION 3:  $-Driven human cash-driven economics of a 21st century of virtual illusion and mirage blind us and limit our counts to mechanical rates of human cash systems and mirage, blinding many to real costs and consequences of a cash-driven world destroying our common future, hypnotizing the many with massive $-driven, destructive lies, destroying the self and US.


COMPLICATION 4:  Exxon knew.  Exxon and other cash-driven fossil fuel industries knew more than 35 years ago that their Exxon carbon emissions would cause Climate 911…but chose instead to profit privately, insidiously for the last 35 years instead while choosing to crush life on earth instead…to crush their own children’s futures, their own family’s futures and lives, their own private future stupidly, assuming erroneously that we would fund a spaceship for Exxon Etc. Inc. to escape the hell they caused.  Wrong.



PROGNOSIS:  Even Exxon CEOs have children and families and most would assume that every human cares about their own family.  So, it is puzzling that Exxon CEOs and a cash-driven Fossil Fuel Caucus in my US Congress have chosen to crush their own children’s futures, their own family’s futures, their own private future stupidly for the last 35 years, the last 150 years.   


Even Exxon CEOs need critical but uncountable flows of oxygen as O2 to breathe, water as H2O to drink, rich, organic topsoil production enough to grow green enough to grow food and shelter to survive day to day and minute to minute….   Even Exxon CEOs must value the invaluable, the priceless, the uncountable of their own children and families to learn to function as a living organism on earth.


But some just don’t get it and limit their counts to mechanical rates of human cash coins….crushing life on earth.


Would legal scholars define that as “criminal” or tyranny?


In any case, America needs to hold Exxon and other cash-driven fossil fuel robbers accountable to America, accountable to their own families, accountable to their own children, accountable to their own private selves….and help America immediately by applying their energy expertise, vision, wisdom, goodness to help America to transition now from a dying, dirty, cash-driven dead energy fossilized economy of by for deadly cashflow floods…..into a more functional, cleaner, greener, safer, growing, productive, more affordable, more lasting Renewable Energy Economic Renaissance that will produce enough positives to lift All 100% up to light of our sun enough to survive and to thrive now and generations from now…even a cashdriven 1%….to grow heaven on earth instead….. obvious or not, counted in private rates of cash or not.


Every spring, every living (and nonliving) cell, seed, seedling, soil, self whole wants to reach up toward light of our sun enough to grow upwards enough to mature genetically, to produce abundant riches enough to count + to produce critical but uncountable flows cycles logic/genius/adaptability synergy/glowing/vigor productivity enough to produce critical but uncountable flows of oxygen as O2, water as H2O, rich, organic topsoil to nurture and grow green and food and shelter enough to keep human cities alive day to day and minute to minute.


Humans have used human cash as a tool to build great human cities and great human civiliziations for thousands of years…but flat, linear forces of human cashflow floods can also crush and destroy the ability of fragile seedlings to reach up enough to produce abundance, to keep human cities alive day to day and minute to minute.


So human cities rise and fall.


So human civilizations rise and fall.


Can humans of the 21st century reach far beyond the obvious enough to count more than cash that is crushing us…enough to value the invaluable, priceless, uncountable genetic potentials of life that we need to grow peace, prosperity and survival?


I know we can because our children and families depend on our decisions now.


All hands on deck now.





Who will take these actions?

Both public and private sectors need to act immediately at all levels.

Every action causes an outcome....positive actions causing positive outcomes slowly to lift all up far beyond the obvious.....negative actions causing negative actions to suck all down easy, cheap, we need positive actions from all to lift all minimize negative outcomes...and to maximize positive outcomes now and generations from now.....from cell to seed to self to family to nation to hold our ironically fragile web for all life intact.

Media, educational and information systems in the US are critically important for correcting our pathological and erroneous assumption that mechanical rates of human cash = the defintiion of "economy"....


Where will these actions be taken?


The United States has about 5 % of the world's population....but uses more than 25 % of the world's petroleum therefore causes much of the world's waste and toxics....especially because our nation has refused to recognize that we could imitate nature to reduce our waste to near zero if we tried.....thus reducing our costs to our selves.

All humans on earth, all nations, all states, all ciites, all selves....need to let nature do the work ....enough to consume critical flows for life enough to produce and to produce critical flows for life enough to balance nature's budget of critcial flows cycles logic productivity of critical flows to balance human budgets of consumptive cashflow floods that are crushing us.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Lou Licht of Ecolotree LLC and Gerald Schnoor of the University of Iowa discovered that forests and trees can absorb significant quantities of carbon from our climate.

I know that green, virgin wilderness feels much cleaner than urban streets, meaning that those natural systems are very, very effective absorbent agents of dirty carbon in the air.

I know that removal and destruction of nature's fragile but critical ecological systems causes exponential costs and pain...such as logging and mining that strip away the abilities of a forest to hold soil and vegetation to the ground enough...enough for the fragile but critical green ecological economies to absorb, slow and stop destructive forces of erosion, runoff and flooding of exponential costs and destructive power.

What are other key benefits?

The Biblical story of Adam and Eve is probably a parable about the terrible costs and consequences of removing, crushing, destroying nature's amazing abilities to grow upwards toward light enough to produce abundnat riches enough to satisfy basic critcial needs wants desires dreams of life on earth......and that crushing and destroying nature's abilities to grow upwards and produce enough, humans also crush and desrtroy the ability of earth to produce enough for humans to consume, causing great pain and suffering for entire human populations, humans crushing the ability of nature's land and life to carry humans into a future.


But Noah learned that every living cell, seed, seedling, soil, self, whole wants to reach up toward light of our sun to produce abunant riches + critical flows to keep life functional, enough to survive and to thrive.


It's time for us to learn that also.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Not much.

We need to count more than cash...and to value the invaluable, priceless, uncountable abilities of nature to heal a broken world.

Time line

We should be able to reach 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 (in about 15 years) or before if our leaders realize that Renewable Energy can slash operating costs and cause positive outcomes to skyrocket....... and we can grow absorbent green watersheds to revive our dying watersheds, dying lifecycles, dying water cycles, dying air cycles sooner than that.....if our leaders can learn to count more than cash, tovalue the reach beyond the obvious to discover amazing wonders of nature that we need to keep earth and us alive enough to thrive.

Private corporations such as Google, Facebook, Apple are leading the way to 100% Renewable Energy because they know they can slash operating costs while at the same time boosting positive outcomes now and generations from now.

Our US Military are also leading the way to 100% Renewable Energy because they know RE is critical for national security (US DOD Pentagon reports 2004, 2007, 2015)

Related proposals

Every living cell seed seedling soil self whole on earth wants to reach up toward light enough to

* produce abundant riches + to

* produce critical but uncountable flows cycles logic/genius synergy productivity enough to 

* satisfy basic critical needs, wants desires, dreams of each self enough to

* produce enough critical flows to consume and to

* consume enough critical flows to produce enough to consume enough to

* fill in hungry voids of the negative to

* lift all 100% up to light enough to


* produce abundant riches to count again + to 

* produce critical but uncoutnable flows to lift another generation up to light enough to survive and prosper now and generations from now, obvious or not, counted in cash or not enough to

* reach far beyond the obvious to discover amazing wonders of nature we need to grow/learn scientific literacy,vision,wisdom,empathy enough to survive and thrive,obvious or not,counted or not



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