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Alison Halderman

Mar 19, 2016


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Naresh, Thank you for looking at the big picture and sharing these resources. i have trouble supporting really small scale, one piece of the puzzle proposals (like bamboo) not because they are not important. I want to see massive change with LOTS of pieces being put in place by individuals and groups focused on their piece, the piece thay are passionate about and have influence with (like sharing bamboo strengths!).

I did want to add that an important factor in the land, agriculture issue is the possibility now of some movement back towards country, villages, small towns. Information, service and even manufacturing jobs are able to decentralize and be effective with smaller scales that our previous movement into bigger and bigger cities.

Every time a segment of the population is able to decentralize and/or produce food, energy and other needs closer to where consumed, we lower the carbon footprint.  So whether more men are able to stay in villages with their families in Kenya, thanks to the Green Belt Movement, reforestation and silk production, or high tech families in the the USA  are able to move back to small, towns by working online or in small manufacturing, in many cases this increases the quality of life and takes some environmental pressure and pollution out of the dense cities. ( I do realize we need to protect space for NO development and there are still advantages to cities!)


Avery Resor

May 22, 2016


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Dear Naresh Bhatt,


Thank you for submitting your proposal to the Land Use contest. I would like to remind you that you have less than a day to complete your proposal before the deadline of May 23rd. Keep up the good work and please let us know if you have any questions.


Best wishes,


Climate CoLab Land Use Fellow

Coca Mary

Feb 23, 2020


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This is a good and engaging topic. I enjoyed reading this article. I am waiting for new updates from you.
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