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Michael Hayes

Jun 26, 2015


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I'm having a hard time differentiating between the two "Other Developing Countries’ Climate Action Plan". What difference is there between the two?

Maruf Sanni

Jun 28, 2015


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Hi Michael, I am Maruf, one of the four fellows for this contest. We are very happy to have you on this platform. Thank you for sharing your idea with us. On the issue of having a hard time differentiating between "Other Developing Countries’ Climate Action Plan", I will try and see if I could clarify that for you. The "Other Developing Countries" refers to countries not in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), not including China and India. The specific countries of interest are listed on the information page for this contest. The ‘Climate Actions’ are implementable set of activities or plans belonging to any but not limited to • Energy Supply • Transportation • Industry • Buildings (commercial and residential) • Other (including agriculture, forestry, other land use, and waste management) • Adaptation Again, information regarding this can be found on the information page of the contest. I hope this is clear now. You can contact any of the fellows for comment or clarification that you may have. You can go through the information page for more insights on the contest. On your proposed climate action plans, they are quite nice with vivid illustrations. But can I suggest that you break them down according to the sub-headings in the template? This way, I think it will easier to follow the action plans and the contributions will be a lot easier to assess. Again, you also need to connect your plan/idea to solving the challenges of climate change within the context of the developing countries mentioned on the information page. Thank you once again for sharing your thought on how the solve the challenges of climate change. Cheers,