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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This would require a huge amount of--generally proprietary--data, and the proposal does offer sufficient explanation of how this data will be collected. Another challenge insufficiently addressed is the matter of getting this information to the eyes of the right people in industry.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

More explicit discussion of inputs required for the proposed estimator, particularly as compared to established tools such as the TCOE mentioned in the proposal are required to better evaluate whether the CSRE would provide industry with the data it needs to make the intended decisions. There is no explicit indication that adding a carbon emissions dimension to decision making tools is likely to tip the balance towards re-shoring. To what extent do the economics of manufacturing (for industries in the proposal’s scope – which aren’t defined) favor manufacturing offshore? If they do, then carbon emission will not likely be a sufficient argument to re-shore and this tool will have very limited impact.

Furthermore the proposal would benefit from quantifying the estimated carbon emission reductions that would occur if US companies re-shored e.g; the value and life-cycle of goods sold in the US, by US companies, where production is done offshore. Besides transportation of finished goods some other factors to consider are the carbon intensity of the energy used in manufacturing, the energy efficiency of the manufactured item (if applicable), and the destination of the goods (Are they parts in a larger assembly needed elsewhere? Are the majority to be used locally but only some exported to another market? Production may be located outside of the ‘home’ market in order to access local/export markets, in which case, ‘re-shoring’ may increase the carbon footprint.)

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